Great Ford Explorer XLT (1995) for sale in south-west USA (location can be discussed)

We bought our lovely car in Canada and drove it down the West Coast. It served us amazingly and the mileage is very low (110.000)! We'll be continuing our trip by plane and bus, so we are looking to sell it in the South West (Phoenix,San Antonio, Las Vegas etc) within about 3 weeks or so. If your interested please send me an email! Cheers, Iris and Dennis

Crossing border to Mexico - travel buddies?

Hi guys,

we're a couple driving from Las Vegas to Patagonia in our camper. We'll be reaching Yuma shortly and looking for some fun people to team up when crossing the border and driving through Mexico. We're obviously considering to cross the border around Yuma and then going down along the West coast of Mexico up until reaching Mexico City level, where we'll then start to head to the other side of the country. However, we don't know the country very well and are open to suggestions.

4runner with rooftop tent for sale in USA

Our fully equipped 4runner is for sale in the States! CVT rooftop tent with attachments and complete cooking, fishing and camping equipment! See the CL link for more details!

Wanted: a car in Panama (Nov/Dec)


We are from Europe, 4 years ago for our honeymoon trip we bought a motorbike in Colombia and drove it to Buenos Aires.

This year I am planning to fly to Panama at the end of November/ beginning of December  with my wife and our baby, buy there a car and drive it to Mexico or the USA. (We are about to buy an airplane ticket, so generally we could do it in the other direction too).

We want to have freedom of stoping on the way where we want. It does not have to be a car we could sleep in. Any reasonable offers accepted.

Shipping SUV from Panama to USA

Hi -- I am planning on Driving from LA to Panama and wanted to ship my car home before continuing on via plane South. Everywhere I look, all quotes are for shipping from USA TO Panama...but I am looking for the reverse. Does anybody have any links or company names that I could get quotes from. Thank you in advance.

Camper / 4x4 wanted in Canada or USA westcoast May 2013

Hello travelers,

we (couple from Germany) are looking for a Camper / vehicle for our southbound trip on the panamericana. Preferably we are looking for an all-wheel drive with enough space to sleep in the car. It would be best if tools and spares are included in the package.

We plan to start out trip beginning of May in Vancouver or northwestern USA. It would also be very appriciated if you could help us with registration / insurance for the car.

Thanks and kind Regards,

Armin + Tanja