mercedes sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter, 2001, 115.000km, no rust, bullet proof for sale in 08/17 around Santiago/BA/Montevideo

We sell our epic sprinter van (former police car) about the end of August 2017 and beginning of August somewhere between Santiago de Chile and Montevideo (or some more to the north). Very reliable car with just one minor problem (auxiliary belt broken) on the first 20.000km of our trip. Easy but functional camper van installations, big suite, solid table, big bed. Few electric installations. Details below. Asking price 12.000€.

2005 Freightliner (Mercedes) Sprinter Van - USD$12,000 - Santiago, Chile

Our Sprinter van is available for sale in Santiago.

Main benefits: It’s big enough for a couple or small family, and small enough to fit in the narrow streets of colonial towns. You can stand up inside, sit up to four people with seatbelts (five or six without), and boondock in the streets without being too obvious. You can cook inside when it's windy or raining. It also fits nicely into a highcube shipping container once everything is off the roof. And we’ve been averaging 21mpg so far. 

Mercedes Sprinter Motorhome for SALE!

For sale 2005 Mercedes Sprinter 308 2.2 CDI with full camper conversion. Mercedes Sprinters are the workhorse van for most tour bus operators in Chile, Peru and Argentina because of their reliability and economy. The van is amazingly efficient, it's a 2.2l CDI which can eke out up to 1000kms on a 75l tank of diesel when cruising highways. In Chile you'll pay~50,000 Chilean Pesos (~$100 or £50) to fill it up. The van also has good ground clearance ~8inches, and can cope with the majority of unmade roads you'll find in Chile, Bolivia etc. just fine.

mercedes sprinter for sale ☆☆☆ august 2015 in brasil


in August 2015 we will finish our journey in the south of Brasil and therefore we offer our Mercedes Sprinter for sale. The camper took us all the way through southamerica safely and without any problems. It acommodates two adults and one baby child (until approx. 2 years, having a seperate cradle which is removable if not needed).There have been usual check ups for oil, filters etc. regularly.

The basic facts:

129 hp

Year: 2002

Tip Shift Gearing

up to now 226.000 km

Kitchen with gas stove and fridge