VW Kombi


Hello there!

We are a couple that have started a one year trip through South America 2 months ago in Colombia. We intended to stay in hostels and take busses through the continent, but so far we absolutely cannot get into the groove of hostel/bus life. We have just crossed the Colombian border into Ecuador and we are currently in Cotacachi (near Otovalo) in Northern Ecuador (As of 08 August 2017).

We are extremely motivated and interested in purchasing a VW Combi. 

WANTED ASAP: VW Kombi or other reliable van/camper in Chile

Hello there,

we're a couple plus dog and we're looking to buy a reliable travel van (like a VW Kombi) for our adventure. We're already in Buenos Aires, Argentina and we're planning to buy a car in Santiago, Chile (with chilean plates, padrón, permiso de circulación, revisión técnica etc. and all the stuff needed to start a long-term trip and to also cross borders). 

FOR SALE Van VW T3 Kombi 1988 diesel 1.6L in Chile May-June

I'm selling regretfully my VW van because I need to come back to Europe mid-June 2015. I've been living in it more than 1,5 years and I've equiped it over the time to make a comfy place to live, and a mechanically sound engine.
**/ the price indicated was the entry price a month ago, but as my flight back is coming soon, it's urgent for me to sell the van, so it's very talkable... /**

WANTED: Kombi in Argentina or Chile by April, May, or June of 2015


We are a couple looking to drive from Patagonia Argentina up to Patagonia, Arizona in the USA. To do this we are hoping to find a Kombi or something similar to take on the road. We will be starting the drive in May or June, so if anyone can lead is in the direction of a our next home (VW Kombi :)), we would be so grateful!