Looking for other 'The Americas' Drivers along our route

Hey there,

Here is our route for the next couple of weeks. We're currently at number 10 which is Arches National Park.

We'd love to meet other people who are on the way to drive the Americas. No matter if you're going North to South or the other way around. 

We're traveling with truck and tiny trailer and two young kids and want to be in Baja by Mid / End October.



Travel with kids and dog

Looking for advice from people who have travelled Mexico and Central America with kids and pets. We are leaving in a couple weeks for our big adventure and would appreciate hearing tips and cautions from people with experience and not from people trying to use fear mongering like we are recieving at home now. 

Safe to drive through venezuela?


We are a family of four who have been touring SA for 7 months. We're currently in Colombia and plan to drive across Venezuela to get to Guyana. We're British with a Chile registered car so are fairly conspicuous as tourists. Is it safe to drive across Venezuela or are the stories of carjackings and kidnappings true?