2010 Nissan Xtrail 4x4 in santiago chile

2010 Nissan Xtrail 4x4



Price: 4,900,000 CLP


2006 Honda Pilot Ex-3.5 AUT

2006 Honda Pilot 4WD


3 rows of seats, very big SUV

Serviced at Honda with maintenance schedule and records.

Price: 5,900,000 CLP


4x4 Suzuki XL7 SUV only 99,000KM for sale now in santiago

2003 Suzuki XL7
Model : Suzuki XL 7 170 HP 4x4
Year : 2003
99,000 kms

3 rows of seats

Price: 4,800,000 CLP
Gasoline : SP95

Engine: 3.5L V6 Chain
Options : speed regulator, radio USB/CD/SD to listen to your favourite musics
Registered in Chile,
Average consumption : 10L/100

2 keys with automatic locking,

Roof rack

3 rows of seats




Leaving Chile with Chilean car to ALL countries - workaround

Hey guys,

I have discovered a way to leave Chile with your Chilean car to all countries (including Peru). That's the information that I have gathered so far. Please correct me if I'm wrong or forgot some kind of aspect :)

Get a RUT in Santiago

Hi guys !

We are a french couple and we are coming in Santiago the 1st of February.
We are planning a road trip for 8 months, trough Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, and maybe more ! Can’t wait !! We want to buy a van in Santiago, but we don’t have connections to get a RUT… Do you know someone who can help us ? We can pay if needed.

You can contact us on : [email protected] or by comments.

Thank you all !!

Camille and Anthony

Help needed in Santiago for our RUT application

Dear fellow travelers,

We are hoping someone (a Chilean resident) is able to help us with our RUT application.

We are a Dutch couple and arrived yesterday (sunday) in Santiago and got the paperwork at the SII office this morning. Unfortunately our co residents and the staff at our hostel will not help us.

If someone would be so kind to get our "show on the road" we will be very gratefull! And we will of course compensate you for the trouble.

Many thanks in advance!

New process to get RUT in Chile?

Hi all

A fellow member recently told me that as of this year the process to aquire a RUT has become more complicated and expensive than it was. 

"now you have to find a local that is willing to bail for you- both of you need to do that at a notary and hand in notarized passport copies too."

Has anyone here been through the RUT application process in recent months? Can you shed any light on this process and if it has become more complicated and expensive it has become in reality?