WANTED - 4x4 in Santiago now

Hello everyone!


We are a couple looking for an overlanding vechile in Santiago right now.

We will be collecting some friends along the way so must be able to seat 4. 

A sleeping platform in the back with storage etc. would be great, or a roof top tent for sleeping. 

If someone has a car with all the gear, cooking, storage, cleaning etc. that would suit us perfectly.

If you have, or know someone that has, something that may suit us, please get in touch;

[email protected]

WANTED vehicle in Colombia or Peru July 2015

Hi there!

Our names are Kelsey and Joseph. We are flying from California to Colombia in early July, and from there we want to slowly make our way down to Uruguay (we have about 3-4 months). To do this, we are looking to purchase a vehicle, preferably a sleep-in so we can save money on hostels. As we are young and recent university graduates, our budget is tight and we are looking for a vehicle ~3,000 USD. We will appreciate any propositions.

Wishing you all the best,

Kelsey and Joseph