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Get a RUT in Santiago

Hi guys !

We are a french couple and we are coming in Santiago the 1st of February.
We are planning a road trip for 8 months, trough Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, and maybe more ! Can’t wait !! We want to buy a van in Santiago, but we don’t have connections to get a RUT… Do you know someone who can help us ? We can pay if needed.

You can contact us on : [email protected] or by comments.

Thank you all !!

Camille and Anthony

Help needed in Santiago for our RUT application

Dear fellow travelers,

We are hoping someone (a Chilean resident) is able to help us with our RUT application.

We are a Dutch couple and arrived yesterday (sunday) in Santiago and got the paperwork at the SII office this morning. Unfortunately our co residents and the staff at our hostel will not help us.

If someone would be so kind to get our "show on the road" we will be very gratefull! And we will of course compensate you for the trouble.

Many thanks in advance!

Postal Service Box in Chile - is it necessary for registering and buying a vehicle?

We will be in Santiago in a week and looking to get a RUT, buy a vehicle, and drive south towards Puerto Montt. In some cases I have read that you are sent off with temporary docs, and the final documents for both the RUT and for a vehicle ownership registration will have to be mailed somewhere. Does this sound correct, or can most get all of the final docs all at once?

If they need to be mailed, we will be staying near Puerto Montt - is there a system similar to PO boxes that you can purchase and use that as your address? 



Need a RUT number for car purchase in Santiago


Dear travellers,

I finally left Germany and arrived with my girlfriend in Santiago. We found a car to travel around Chile etc for a couple of months.

Only thing missing is a RUT number for the car purchase! I don´t know anybody here, the hostal is not really helpful.


Does anybody has an idea of how to get out that situation? We are willing to compensate for any help. Thanks a lot.