california plates

Registering a car in California


I'm from Europe and I have planned to go USA and buy a car from California.

If I buy a car and register it and take insurances. Can I start driving with it right away or do I have to wait some weeks to have plates? Can I have some temporary plates?


How much car insurances costs in USA?


MUST SELL BY MAY 25 2016 DODGE RAM 2500 YEAR 2000, 147,000 miles, Valparaiso, Chile

After spending 8 months with this beautiful beast of a car, I am ready for the next trip in my journey. This time, I will be leaving Chile to return to my homeland (Australia) and then onwards to California (where the car comes from originally). I purchased the car off some good friends who traveled from Caliornia to Chile and I maintained it in great shape in Viña del Mar where I live and took it for a few months to the south of Chile. I happen to be a mechanical engineer so I have revised the car's condition frequently and drove responsibily.