Mercedes Sprinter, 2001, 115.000km, no rust, bullet proof for sale in 08/17 around Santiago/BA/Montevideo

We sell our epic sprinter van (former police car) about the end of August 2017 and beginning of August somewhere between Santiago de Chile and Montevideo (or some more to the north). Very reliable car with just one minor problem (auxiliary belt broken) on the first 20.000km of our trip. Easy but functional camper van installations, big suite, solid table, big bed. Few electric installations. Details below. Asking price 12.000€.

2001 Mitsubishi Montero Limited Edition 4x4 - For Sale in Costa Rica or Panama (Mid March) $9000

We bought this car in California mid last year. We had the engine fully rebuilt (even new spark plugs and spark plug leads) and radiator replaced in Los Angeles before commenicing our roadtrip down to Panama. Since then we have had no problem with the car. This vehicle is perfect for exploring off road trails and has led us to some magnificent spots that we would not have been able to access otherwise. The only cons are a slight weathering of the paint on the bonnet and roof, as well as some scratches to the right side of the front bumper. Otherwise the car is in perfect condition. 

SOLD ****** Toyota Tundra plus Pop Up Camper for Sale Argentina Chile End 2016

We are selling our reliable 2001 Toyota Tundra with fully equipped Pop Up Camper in Argentina or Chile around November 2016