2003 Ford 350 Diesel Pick-Up Truck, w/bed camper option

Hola Amigos, Two years ago, I shipped this truck from NYC to Santiago Chile. My use of this truck is coming to an end. I have the following options: A) Sell to a traveler who wants to buy in South America B) Ship back to USA C) Drive it back to the USA. I would prefer option (A).

For Sale: 1998 Dodge Dakota 4x4, in California

  • 4x4 hi/lo
  • Automatic
  • 157 xxx mi
  • 3.8L V6 Magnum, gasoline
  • gets 12mpg offroad, 19.5mpg on highways
  • Aftermarket sound system w/ aux port
  • Huge storage space 6’5 x 5’5 tray
  • Interior in good condition, non smoker
  • Killswitch installed for security
  • Underseat lockbox
  • New: fuel pump, catalytic converter, brake pads, brake booster drum, drum brake piston seals (April 2013)
  • Transmission, radiator and diff fluids drained and replaced (April 2013)
  • A/C recharged, blows ice cold (July 2013)

Isuzu Trooper camper for sale Guatemala

We're selling the best vehicle to travel central and south america!

Its a converted Isuzu Trooper 1987 with a NEWLY REBUILT ENGINE. 4x4 with raised suspension so it goes everywhere. Its a 2.3 litre engine, manual transmission, 4 cyclinder so its cheap to run even though its a hard core vehicule. It comes with everything you need to travel, and I mean Everything!

Diesel Truck with cab over camper for Sale in Columbia July 2013

Hello, my name is Reid.  My wife and I will be finishing up our one year Journey through Central and South America in Columbia sometime around early July 2013.  We have the best overland rig one could ever want.  If you want the ability to travel anywhere and have all the comfort and space you could imagine, then we have the rig for you. 

99' Frontier 4x4 For Sale in Costa Rica

We hemmed and hawed for more than a year about what vehicle would be the right balance of size, capability, and comfort and I think came to a rather elegant balance. Maybe you’ll think so too. After calling this truck home for the past year we’re looking to sell it to someone looking for a kitted out traveling home.

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1994 Toyota 4x4 w/ FlipPac camper top for sale in Chile

My wife and I are selling our beloved rig and heading back to the States. You can find photos of the rig on our blog and we are happy to send more to anyone interested. Email me at zslobig[at]gmail[dot]com. If you're looking for a vehicle to get you to those out-of-the-way places, this is it.

The details:

1994 Toyota Xtracab V6 4x4 3.6 EFI engine with 180,000 miles (currently)

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Wanted: Vehicle in Chile (January)

Hi All,

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