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Container Sharing from Panama to Cartagena in the vessel that sails on 13th and arrive on 14th

HI! anyone wants to share a container for this week...i have a client who needs a partner, each one pay 1015.00 USD including all costs from Panama and Cartagena. Please let me know ASAP due to the 10th is holiday. and the last day for loading is on wednesday.


My email [email protected]


Kind regards,



Container sharing Colon to Cartagena

Hi fellow overlanders,

We are looking for a container mate for our Suzi XL7. Ideally, we would like to leave Colon during the first week of July.

Is there anyone looking to share a container in that period?

Happy travels,

Wim & Didem

Shipping from the UK to Argentina?

Hey Everyone,

I am planning a trip to ship my vehicle from the UK to as far south of Argentina as possible and then drive north as far as Alaska. 

Does any one have any advice/recomendations on what company to use and what the process is for leaving the UK and picking the vehicle up with regards to customs etc.

Your advice is grealty appreciated.



Shipping Panama to Colombia ASAP! Need partner

Hey all - we're in Panama City now and looking to get over to Colombia ASAP! We're looking for a shipping container partner - we've got an average sized SUV. No need to stay any longer draining $$ in Panama. Please let me know if you're interested: [email protected]




Shipping Vehicles from Panama to Colombia

We offer our service for shipping from Colon to Cartagena in Container( the securest way for do this).

*you dont have to leave the keys to a strangers

*you drive the vehicle into the container

*the container is closed in your presence in the port at Colon.... then will be open in your presence at Cartagena.

*dont need to worry for your personal stuff been stolen.


Panama Side:
1 vehicle in a 20 STD container: 1050.00 USD
2 vehicles in a 40HQ container: 1300.00 USD each vehicle pay 650.00 USD

Need shipping partner from Panama to Colombia for shipment around 25 Sept 2012

Holas, I am looking for somebody interested in sharing a container for shipping from Panama to Colombia (probably Cartagena) around the 25th of September - I am flexible with the exact date.

I have a Jeep Cherokee (4.20m length) so another vehicle or motorcycles should fit easily.

I speak Spanish and have been looking into shipping it with Barwil (Wilhelmsen), but am of course open to other suggestions.

If you are interested please write to me at [email protected] or post here.

cheers, Frederik

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Shipping an RV(motorhome) from Panana or Costa Rica to Colombia INFO PLEASE!!

Please we are in Costa Rica and we need some info for shipping from Costa Rica or Panama to Colombia everything seems to be really expensive, we have an RV long 30.84ft.11.15 tall,9.51 wide, we need help please let me know.. whatever you know , could help us, thanks a lot! my email is [email protected]

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Looking for somebody to share a Container fron Panama to Colombia

Hi my name is francisco and we my friends an me are looking for somebody to share a container from panama to colombia, we are in Costa rica by the moment. we are driving an RV which sizes are long 30.84ft,11.15 tall
9.51 wide... its quite big.. so im not sure if theres container with these sizes. my email is [email protected] thank you very much

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Vehicle shipping within Mexico

Hi everyone,

I'm interesed in shipping my US registered vehicle within Mexico, and I wanted to see if anyone knows if that's possible.  I'm thinking that either shipping by land from Mazatlan to Oaxaca, or by sea from La Paz to Salina Cruz would work.  Does anyone know if there are shipping companies in Mexico that will do this?


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Height Restrictions On Vehicle Shipping - Darien Gap


We are driving a 2006 Mercedes Sprinter Van to South America. I am trying to find out what the height restrictions are for container shipping around the Darien Gap.

Does anyone know? 



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