Vehicle Storage

Storing a vehicle in Santiago, Chile ?


Does anybody have recommendations on storing a vehicle in Chile, Santiago for 1-2 months?  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find very much information online.  Looking for somewhere safe and inexpensive :)  

Thank you!


Leave the vehicle in Mexico for 8 months???

WE have to go back to The U.S. for 8 months and are trying to get some info on how and where we can leave our vehicle here in mexico or guatemala. I know that is possible to leave it in a government warehouse in Costa Rica or Panama, but does anyone know if it is posible do that here in Mexico???

thank you

juan & Sara

Long Term Vehicle Storage in Panama

During the summer we will be forced to put our travels on hold while we return to the states for a series of weddings.  During this four month period we would like to find safe storage for our vehicle in Panama.  Does anybody has information in regards to long term storage of their vehicle in a foreign country, no matter which country it may have been?  Prices, required paperwork for a vehicle permit extension etc...

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