VW bus

FOR SALE: Overland Ready, Reliable, 1995 VW Campervan $6000 USD Santiago

For Sale: A Beautiful VW Brasilian White Campervan/Kombi 1995 - Petrol/Nafta

$6.000 / €4.500 / CLP 3.000.000

Looking to buy a VW Bus in Panama/Costa Rica


Girlfirend and I are looking to buy a car (preferably a VW Bus) to travel North with.  We are currently in Guatemala and are heading south via local buses.  We should be in Costa Rica around Julyish.  So if anyone knows of anything, pasame la voz! 

Safe travels to ALL!  




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Looking for VW bus, van or comparable in central Mexico

Looking for VW bus, van, truck or comparable in central Mexico: Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Jalisco, DF. We aren't looking for a vehicle that can travel the length of South America but for something that runs reliably with some love and attention. It has to be a make/model/year for which we can obtain parts within Mexico.

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