For Sale: Ford E250 in Costa Rica/Nicaragua in November 2019

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#1 Tue, 10/22/2019 - 11:10

For Sale: Ford E250 in Costa Rica/Nicaragua in November 2019

Our journey with our beloved van will be coming to an end late November around Costa Rica. So we would like to find a new owner for him.
Date and location of the sale are flexible.

About the van:
- Ford E250 5.4L V8 (2008)
- automatic transmission
- rear 2WD
- 113.500 miles right now (~118.000 miles/190.000km  in November)
- plates from Quebec, Canada (we will be retourning there and can do the transfer)
- AC
- cruise control
- service and oilchange every 3000 miles
- runs well, no problems going up mountains or overtaking
- uses regular gas (a little thirsty with ~15l/100km)
- full tank 120l (33 gal) lasts about 500 miles (~800km)
- V-belt and breakpads replaced at 106.000 miles

Did the conversion ourself. Inside has now installed:
- double bed with linen, duvet and pillow
- 3 shelves (lenght of bed)
- counter
- sink with 15L gray water tank
- hidden compartment under the bed
- light insulation all around

Electricity + Electronic
- 2x Solar pannels (together 200W)
- 90 Ah battery (designated space for a second one availble)
- inverter 1000W (110V AC)
- 4x 12V outlets
- 3x USB charger outlets
- 3 LED lights in the ceiling and LED strips in the shelves (all with individual switches)
- Fantastic roof vent, USB fan and 12V fan
- smoke and carbone monoxyde detectors

Removable equipment:
- portable shower (2 gallons)
- portable toilet with 3 gallon blackwater tank
- two camping tables (one small and easier to access and one bigger one)
- two camping chairs
- garbage bin
- electric cooler of 30L
- two water containers (5 & 7 gallons)
- portable stove
- cooking equipment (dishes, pans, pots, 1000W handmixer and other stuff)
- windows are not teinted and have removable sun/view blockers
- mosquito nets and strong magnets for many applications
- plastic boxes of different sizes for storage under the bed

- spare tire, car jack
- full tool box and cordless drill
- surfboard

We bought the van with 106.000 miles in Montreal and did the conversion.
Never had any problems with the van apart from some flat tires. Spent some (or a little more) money on new ones in the US, so that should not be a problem in the near future.
Bed is permanently installed and about 1.90m long. Van is decently stealthy (at least we didn't have problems so far).
We hope to find someone who continues driving this beautiful vehicle into the sunsets!


Price: 6000$ (negociable)

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Thu, 10/24/2019 - 13:20

Used van

Your ad says Toronto plates? I need a vehicle registered in costa rica. Am I interpreting your ad correctly? Thank you , Greg [email protected]

Mon, 10/28/2019 - 11:11 (Reply to #2)

Van is registered in Quebec.

Van is registered in Quebec. No Costa Rica plates...
But transfer is possible in Quebec as well.