Awesome Dodge Ram Van 2500 Model 2000 (Panama/Costa Rica/Nicaragua) April

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Awesome Dodge Ram Van 2500 Model 2000 (Panama/Costa Rica/Nicaragua) April

Dodge Ram Van 2500 Model 2000 (Panama/Costa Rica/Nicaragua – April) 

Awesome deal: Low millage, safe (abs/airbag), full camp equipped, tough and discreet

More photos (click here)

About: 70.000 Miles

Price: 3.299 Euro / 4500 US

Location: We are currently in Central America we could drive you the car in April to Panama, Costa Rica or Nicaragua.


In a few word, we did a lot of research before traveling (books, websites…). We spent 2 weeks in Los Angeles looking for the right vehicle, and 5 months of traveling improving the gear to have the perfect set up. Sincerely, you’ll safe lots of time, headaches and money if you buy this vehicle.

We are two brothers that drove from LA, in a really nice drive, with 0 car problems, to Central America. If you want to drive around here or go back to the US, this is your vehicle, ;).

The van has a very reliable and powerful 5.9 liter V8 engine. The same engine can be found in strong pickup trucks. Fuel Economy: 12/16 mpg. We have done the numbers and if you travel with this van you meet more people and travel cheaper than if you would be driving a small car. It takes more gas per mile, than a small car, but the engine is made for heavy-duty work making the van more reliable and less likely to need repairs. Plus if you drive 60 M / 100 K per hour your lower your expenses a lot and because of the size of the car you can give rides to other travelers without any problem sharing the expenses. What we have been doing is before we left a place we spread the word of our next destination and you always have people who want to travel in a car than in the inconvenient and super slow chicken buses.

This 2000 model is part of the series that began being produced in 1994. Since it was made late in the series, all parts of the car were well tested and Road worthy. So the Truck wins in a lot of Magazines and is well known. The powerful motor is very good for driving the long uphill drives and you can easy overtake slower Truck that are very common. Also the car is not loosing the Compression in high altitude over 3000 Meter and also not fail in starting the engine in Cold and Heights.


We discover than the best way of camping is either on a hill / close to the ocean for having a nice breeze or asking in a restaurant / bar / house / camping / accommodation… for electricity (we have a long wire) and using a fan / electric kitchen / charging electronics… We’ve been charged for this from nothing (lots of times) to 5 Dollars per night.


  • Tough and High vehicle: Perfect for Latin American dirt roads
  • Pretty good wheel conditions (4 months old)
  • Air Condition: Its is going to literally save your life, believe us.
  • Dark green color: Perfect for been unnoticed wherever you camp / park. Unlike in a conversion / traditional camper van, none knows from the outside that you have all your belongings there. 
  • Good Sound system.
  • Tinted back windows.
  • Confortable sits and super easy to drive (automatic).
  • Safe driving: ABS, Double Airbag.
  • The mechanics are easy to fix, this vehicles are well known around. 
  • Two back doors: You can open them from the inside. Handy for getting in and out when you are sleeping
  • Plenty of space: Room for 5 in proper sits (with all the luggage). If you set up the back properly you add two benches where other 8 people can sit.
  • Back bed (2m x 1,7m): Made with wood, with room for 3 people sleeping and convertible in sits or “leaving room area”.
  • Security System: Hidden Power disconnect switcher, for avoiding car thieves. You can not start the car with the switcher off.


  • Power Inverter 12V- 110/220
  • Sound System: Line IN Radio for good sound when watching movies.
  • Electric Shower: with great power with also good for washing Plates.
  • Electric Kitchen: Lighter, faster and less dangerous than driving with gas around (every country has a different gas system).
  • Big pot, fried pan (good one), cutlery, chopping board, Tupper wares…
  • 15 meter Wire
  • Electric Lamp
  • Tool box, with driller, sand paper, duck tape…
  • Air compressor (car light supplied) for soft wheels.
  • Quick Flat wheel fixer
  • USB charger (car light supplied)
  • Extra wheel, Jack, jumper wire, fire-extinguisher, cones…
  • Big wood Bed and Mattress for 2 People, 4 pillows, blankets…  The center wood pieces can easily be removed for placing things under the Bed
  • 2 big Tupperware
  • 1 Yoga matt and 1 exercise matt
  • Bucket, ikea blue bags, water tank…
  • A good Fan for sleeping inside (it saved our life)
  • Good security box: Well placed and super handy (You can put in a DSLR Camara, laptop…
  • The Car has always be maintained good (Documented) 

Plates and Selling

The Car has easy US Plates and so can be sold very easy. We speak fluent Spanish (we are Spaniards) and help you with the easy transfer procedure. We have US car title, circulation permit...


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could you please mail me back whether the van would be still for sale?


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