NOW CHEAPER!! BARGAIN: Overlander /4x4 Expedition–vehicle Toyota Tacoma with Camper For sale end of July 2014 in Ecuador or Peru

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NOW CHEAPER!! BARGAIN: Overlander /4x4 Expedition–vehicle Toyota Tacoma with Camper For sale end of July 2014 in Ecuador or Peru

In the end of July we would like to sell our Toyota Tacoma (like the Hilux). We travelled with the truck for the last 10 month from Canada to Tierra del Fuego. At the moment we are in Bolivia headed north to Peru and Ecuador.
We bought the car and the camper in Canada separately and built and modified it. In this vehicle you can easily spend a couple of days or even weeks in the wilderness and one can drive rough and difficult terrain. It’s not a luxury RV, everything is basic but very reliable and still very comfortable. Whoever takes over this vehicle, will have a  well equipped and ready to go Fourwheeldrive-Travel-Vehicle, with everything you need. The only thing you would need to bring is own clothes, courage and sense of adventure! 
The car:
- Toyota Tacoma TRD Pickup X-tra Cab
- Model 2005
- 4 liter V6
- 6 gear manual
- Will have about 270 000 km (New engine by Toyota at around 140 000 km)
- 4x4 with low gears, and rear diff locker
- 5 Wrangler Goodyear Duratrac 265/75 R16 M+S on Daytona steel rim plus additional original spare tire
- heavy duty clutch (renewed in December)
- lifted
- Repair Manual
Modifications we did:
- ARB Bullbar with Smittybuilt 8000 Pound winch with necessary equipment
- Rockslider and steel rear bumper, welded to frame, as protection of the car and for tying the camper on it
- Airbags in the rear to support the suspension, with adjustable air pressure
- Compressor mounted under the hood, to adjust tire pressure and airbag pressure
- 200kg steel hitch rack, folds up and down (folded down it serves as stairs into the camper, folded up it locks and secures the Camper door)
- Tied to the hitch rack: second spare tire, Highlift-Jack, shovel, tarps etc.

The Camper:
- Unknown year and make, probably around 1980
- Made of wood
- One-piece aluminum roof was renewed by former owner,
- Has never leaked
- Pull-out bed, app. 1,90m x 1,20m
- We bought new Ikea matrasses in September
- Two seats with table, that can be used as second bed
- We bought a new 12 gallon water tank and also replaced all hoses
- Sink with pump tap, second tap on the outside
- Two flame gas cooker, with standard US gas bottle (will last forever)
- All windows, even door window, slide to open, have mosquito nets
- Additional vent with net in roof
- Mobile ice box, 12V und 110V
- Lots of storage room for clothes, food, books and stuff you need
- Power outlet on the outside can be used on campsites with electricity
- Double power outlet inside for house power, plus two 12V outlets
Electrical power supply: The camper is equipped with a 12V Deep-Cycle-Marine-Battery. The battery gets charged by a special battery charger. While driving the battery is charged by the truck. At the same time the cooler/ice box can run and it is possible to charge other appliances in the camper while driving. If the camper is not plugged into external power (as e.g. on a campsite), the whole electrical power supply comes from the 12 V Battery (Light, ice box and 12V power outlets)

Additional Equipment:
- Cook- and tableware
- 1 big down twin blanket, 2 pillows and a fleece blanket
- Seat polstery, with covers 
- Big tool bag with many spare parts and screws for the camper
- Big tool box (new 250 $)
- two 20 liter spare cans, mounted outside camper, between camper walls and truck bed walls, filled from outside, decanting from spare can to truck tank via hand pump
- additional storage from camper to truck bed:
o 4 jacks for lifting the camper on and off
o Battery and battery charger
o A lot of room for further equipment

In addition to the equipment listed, two mountain bikes, a surfboard and fishing equipment can be bought. We carry the bikes behind the front seats in the truck, the surfboard is mounted between the cabin and the camper.
We are in love with our travel mate, neither the truck nor the camper has ever let us down. We would love to ship it to Germany and will probably do so if we don’t find a buyer. In the last couple of months the camper became our home, where we always felt safe and well. Plenty of people took pictures of our car and people in all the visited countries complimented on the great setup. Proudly we can say, that we’ve done a good job. It a good balance of height and weight and you still have enough room for a little comfort.

Asking Price:13000$US

Please contact [email protected] for questions and offers

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I have emailed you

I have emailed you





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Still available?


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Yes, it's still available.

Yes, it's still available. Email us and we'll get back at you!