FOR SALE! 88 Astro Travel Van (DROPPED PRICE $1,000) fully equipped!

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FOR SALE! 88 Astro Travel Van (DROPPED PRICE $1,000) fully equipped!

So heres the story, or at least it so far.  My brother and I have been traveling with our beloved van for about 6 months now. We have traveled all the way to ushauia, chile and now are making our way north! Found the van on this site. We bought the van from a fellow American drove it down to Chile did a lot of work to the van to prep for the trip.  Three guys who graduated college in Sothern California bought this van at an auction.  It was a grade school van used for field trips, hence the relativley low milage (about 110,000).  Here's the original post.


"So here are some details on the car itself. I will try and lay it out very honestly as I am selling the car for not too much money.

The good

-super reliable engine, no overheats, doesn't burn oil, starts up easily even at high altitude and pretty good on gas

-best all terrain tires you can buy and plenty of life for the trip back and then some plus true spare

-good gas mileage (average about 24 with the box on top, but unloaded and without box I have averaged 25-28

-sweet rear deck that I built before leaving so that it would be easier to load surfboards, also serves as seat, wetsuit changing deck and what have you

-interior netting for holding clothes and other gear

-inverter for charging electronics

-5 gal water jug and place for holding it on table

-window covers for concealed sleeping and keeping heat out

-new clutch, transmission seal, and slave cylinder for clutch hydraullic system

-interior is ready to go for sleeping and travel although it could be better arranged for 2 people. I started the trip a friend and the 2 of us girl did fine but if your tall maybe 2 isn't as comfortable. It could be arranged differently but we chose to sacrificed a bigger bed for storage and we built out the rear of the van to have a bunch of storage cubbies. What we ended up with is a bed that has a length equal to the width of the van and a width equal to a twin bed. The bed sits at the far back of the van and in front of it is a small bench seat and table. Under the bed are three slots that fit correspondingly sized tough tote bins. We have been using one been for food, one for tools and car stuff and the other to store the camp table, cot and other items.

-I bought the car without a radio and have done the whole trip with a portable rechargeable radio that we charge with one of the two 12 volt outlets while driving. It has aux input and it is very convenient in that when you stop you can unvelcro it from the dash and keep using it without draining the car battery. Obviously this comes with the car


- the paint is a sand and a rattle can job to try and give it some more protection before. It has held up pretty well all things considered although it is chipping off to show the original white in some places and there are some small rust patches as well. The rust spots could or could not be taken care of depending on how much you care about looks and them spreading. Peru and Bolivia are probably the place to get this done as it is low skill and heavy labor. Likely you could get it all touched up and looking fresh for under $80.

-doors and windows have some rattle and general looseness that they tend to on an old car. The driver side door handle has a crack, but still functions and has this whole trip. I am not sure there is something that can be done to tighten up all the latches and locks and such short of replacing all the components. Not necessary at all

-Front seat upholstery has been falling apart since I bought car. For us since we are camping so much the aesthetic fix seemed silly. Some seat covers would do the trick or an upholstery place in Peru or Bolivia where the labor will also be cheap. "


We have loved this van and been grateful to find that it is a very compitent machine as we have had no issues. Runs amazing and has all terain tires! Has had regular oil change. We recently got an alignment, new air filter, balanced the tires, serviced wheel bearings, new headlights, and had the chassis greased. So it is in tip top shape. 


What it comes with:

-20liter gas can
-spare tire
-tool kit
-extra oil filters
-tow straps
-1st aid kit
-stereo/iPod/MP3 player
-charger for USB or us charger
-gas portable Coleman grill
-sleeping cot
-wet suit
-snorkel & goggles
-maps/guide books of South America
-collapsible REI table
-safe box (bolted to van)
-5g water jug
-storage totes
-pillows and blanket
-ALL cooking equipment needed (pots pans, plates, cutting board, silver wear, mugs, etc)
-Thule (overhead storage container)
-English to Spanish dictionary

loads of freebies!

We are looking to sell in Lima or cusco Peru in the first week of February. Dropping the price from $2,500 to $1,000 including all the freebees. (Can even throw in some hiking wear if you are my size :)

EMAIL us at [email protected] if interested!!! Can answer all your question and send you loads of pictures :)

Safe travels!


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Thu, 10/01/2015 - 15:37

How to sell or buy a car

Hi man, I'm traveling im south america for the last 9 month with my jeep from chile, I would like to know what the process to sell a cfor example a car from chile in ecuador to another traveler
This is my whatsapp and my email if you can answer me +972504200230 [email protected]
Thanks you

Sat, 10/03/2015 - 21:56


Hey mate can you PM me? We will be in Santiago on the 10th and looking for something for 2-3months. [email protected]

Sun, 10/04/2015 - 07:37 (Reply to #3)

I'm having issues with my

I'm having issues with my email currently so go ahead and message me via Facebook (Haley Wiedenman). I'd be happy to fill you in on any questions you have and help you have an awesome road trip! 

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could you send me some pictures to cruxas at gmail dot com, thanks!



Sat, 10/10/2015 - 19:19

'Interesante' - Please send me more details


I am very interested in your auto if it hasnt already been purchased. Currently in Iquique and will be in Santiago on the 14th of October. Please email me and let me know.


Sat, 03/10/2018 - 06:53

Is it still for sale? I'm in

Is it still for sale? I'm in Santiago looking for a car right now!