connect with people from Calgary

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#1 Tue, 08/30/2016 - 08:52

connect with people from Calgary

to the folks from Calgary with Dodge and Arctic Fox would love to connect and discuss driving to Nicaragua

Sat, 10/01/2016 - 10:34


would love to hear from the people travelling to Nicaragua from Calgary in a truck camper 



Sat, 10/01/2016 - 10:36

arctic fox

Sorry would love to connect with folks with 5th wheel arctic fox

Fri, 03/03/2017 - 14:29 (Reply to #3)

hey there...

Sorry it's taken so long to check back into this forum... doesn't seem to actually be the more popular source of info for folks on the road.

I'm currently in Golfito, Costa Rica and have some down time and good WIFI... so what can I tell you about?