1997 Chilean-plated Toyota Hiace with 239000 kms for sale in Colombia or elsewhere - $5000 USD OBO – Available Sept

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1997 Chilean-plated Toyota Hiace with 239000 kms for sale in Colombia or elsewhere - $5000 USD OBO – Available Sept

Our Toyota Hiace 2.4 has been a great overlanding vehicle. Toyotas are the most common vehicles in South America, which means that it doesn’t stand out as a tourist car, making it safer for parking, and getting it serviced or repaired is easy and inexpensive all over. Our Hiace still includes the original “airport transport” decals, for style points.  We found it incredibly easy to camp for free anywhere we wanted in the Hiace. We bought the vehicle in April 2016 in Coyhaique, Chile and added a bed, curtains, table, roof rack and much more – all included in the price.  The Hiace became our home really fast and he got us around in comfort and style.  We wanted to take him back to Canada with us but we sadly don’t have the time to drive back.

The Hiace is in really good shape since he was used lightly by the previous owner as an airport shuttle to and from the Coyhaique airport to the town of Coyhaique.  As the owner said to us when we bought the Hiace, “he’s ugly but good!”.  The motor is in excellent condition and we’ve only had minor tune-ups and improvements to do along the way.  The Hiace is an ugly old guy but he’ll get you through!  He runs on gasoline and has a manual transmission.

But I may want a 4x4?
You don’t need it in our opinion. We were not held back by 2WD anywhere. Got stuck twice (shovel got us out both times) but those were our own fault.

Our 1997 Toyota Hiace has the following features:

  • Manual transmission
  • 2RZ-E 2438CC engine, shares common parts with Toyota Hilux 2.4
  • Gasoline (bencina) engine
  • 2WD
  • Chile registration and license plates
  • All Chilean papers up-to-date (al día):
  • Permiso de Cirulación (road tax) – paid for until March 31 2017
  • Seguro Obligatorio (3rd party insurance) – paid for until March 31 2017
  • Revision Tecnica and Certificado de Emisiones – valid until October 11, 2016
  • Manual, roll-down windows up front – less stuff to break on you!
  • Manual, slide windows in the back (read ventilation options, and ability to cook inside)
  • Manual locks on all windows
  • No power steering
  • Roof Rack, rack box (for tools and dirty things), jerry can (20L), tarp,  other stuff and tie downs
  • Never been smoked in
  • Lots more features which we’ll leave for you – details below!

The Hiace is an incredible overlanding vehicle and we’ve converted him so you can sleep inside and still store all your equipment.  This means you can create your own little home-on-wheels, travel way more comfortably than on buses or in a 4x4. You won’t have to worry about sticking to a strict time schedule.  We found the Hiace to be very common everywhere we have been in South America. Parts were easy to get when tuning up. We will also throw in the spare parts and fluids that we have amassed along the way (extra universal joint, extra shock absorber, brake fluid). 

The undercarriage has no rust (except a bit on the muffler). The body is a bit crumpled in places from old fender benders, but the frame is solid and the ride is smooth on good roads. If you are looking for aesthetics in a vehicle, the exterior of the Hiace leaves a little to be desired (we found him endearing) but it fits in with local vehicles (dents and scratches) which is what you want for safety and blending in.  Clearance is relatively high, we just drove cautiously on rougher roads.

Average for the time we’ve had the Hiace: 11 L / 100 km but if the wind’s going with you we’ve been down to 9 L/100 km.
When we bought it, the Hiace had 224000 kms on the counter and now it is close to 239000 kms.  Since purchasing the Hiace, we've driven it 95% of the time on paved roads and have covered a small amount on dirt roads that were in good condition. 

Available any time after Sept 2016 in Columbia preferably.  We are open to other transfer locations and countries. 

The car is almost 20 years old but is in remarkably good condition.  The engine has been tuned up and got new spark plugs at 228000km but generally purrs like a kitten. Every mechanic we talk to tells us the engine has a lot of life left in it.

Maintenance Schedule

  • New disc brake pads ( @ 228000 km)
  • New back shocks (Toyota Brand new (from Hilux), @ 238000 km)
  • new spark plugs (@228000 km)
  • Oil changes every 5000k w/ new oil filters (20w50 oil was never an issue finding)
  • New air filter (@ 228000 km)
  • New fan belts (@231000 km)
  • New clutch disc and universal joint (@ 235000 km)
  • New front light (@ 235000 km)

We can provide photos of our receipts for the parts/labor if you want to have a look.

What doesn't work/works poorly:

  • The engine currently has the EFI disconnected, doesn’t affect emissions testing or fuel efficiency.  It does mean that some oil volatilizes (1 quart / 1500 km estimated).
  • Windshield washer fluid pump missing (never been a problem for us, replacement would be about $50)
  • Back tailgate is secured from inside using manual latch (because we don’t trust the latch outside)
  • Heating controls require some jimmying to adjust
  • Interior lights – (no bulbs) not a problem for us. It means you can’t leave them on to drain the battery!


  • Three-quarter sized bed with mattress (almost as big as a double)
  • Blue curtains on all windows to keep the light out and for privacy
  • Table and bench setup for fine dining and cooking inside
  • Removable mosquito nets
  • Storage bins tuck under bed

We will also leave you all our cooking supplies (minus our stove, which we’re taking back to Canada), tools, tarp, water jugs, bins, safety equipment, cooler, laundry stuff, camp chairs, yoga mat, bedding, maps, guidebooks, shovel, etc.  If you are interested, I can send you a detailed list of the supplies we will leave.  It’s a lot so I will not take up room here.


The Hiace has good quality winter tires that are in great condition.  The back tires have metal studs.  We also carried inner tubes and a puncture kit in case of flats.  We will leave these for you. The spare tire leaves a little to be desired but it was fine for us.

We found we didn’t need to carry many spares because parts for the Hiace (often the same parts as the Hilux) were available everywhere.  A lot of car equipment is also available at hardware (e.g. Sodimac) stores if you want to get more.

Spare parts:

  • Light bulbs
  • 1 back shock absorber
  • Brake fluid (never needed)
  • Windshield fluid
  • Radiator fluid
  • Engine antifreeze

The Hiace has Chilean plates and therefore in order to submit the ownership paperwork in Chile, you will need to get a RUT provisorio.  We will provide you with the documentation to transfer the owernship to your name in Chile (if that’s what you want to do) and notarized sale documents in Colombia.   We can give you lots of advice on the paperwork and overlanding in general.  We love to share what we’ve learned!

$5000 USD or best offer.

If you're seriously interested I can e-mail you the motor number, chassis number and more photos, etc.  Sorry if I don't get back to you right away - we're travelling and we don't always have internet.  But I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

Chris K
ckocur (at) gmail.com

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 13:51

1997 Toyota Hiace campervan -available Colombia or elsewhere!

The Toyota Hiace is a great overlanding vehicle and we don't want to see this vehicle go to waste!  Contact me if you're interested ckocur (at) gmail.com.  The (at) is of course replaced by @ but I put it that way to avoid spam.  We're moving around a lot so I apologize if there's a delay in responding.  I can send you more pictures and more information on the car and what will be included.  This vehicle is a steal!  We wanted to take it back to Canada but sadly don't have the time.