1998 Toyota Sienna for sale in Toronto

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#1 Thu, 06/16/2011 - 13:16

1998 Toyota Sienna for sale in Toronto


We will be selling our 1998 Toyota Sienna minivan we have been travelling with for the past 11 months in the first week of July in Toronto. We have used the van to travel from Canada to Panama and back again, and it has been extremely reliable and is in great shape. The van is currently without back seats (we have been sleeping in the back which is very comfortable and inconspicuous) and we will also include our camping gear in the sale, such as a camping stove, camping chairs, cooler, pots and pans, tarp, etc should you want it. We also have roadmaps and guidebooks for all of North and Central America that we can give you...

The tires on the car are still in good condition (we had them changed before leaving), the battery was changed in November, and we have the oil changed a couple of times while on the road (receipts available). For inquiries please email us. Here are some photos:

Price TBD.

Kind regards, 

Erik and Saskia