2005 Sprinter Camper for sale in Argentina Feb '14 $39,000 USD

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2005 Sprinter Camper for sale in Argentina Feb '14 $39,000 USD

~~2005 Dodge Mercedes 3500 Camper “Vanna”  Plated in Oregon, USA.

73,300 miles, meticulously maintained.  Van is a day drive from Buenos Aires right now.

VIN: WD0PD544155845275 
Mercedes Benz Engine, Model: OM 647 LA    CID 164
Engine Family / Engine Code: 5MBXH2.69DJB / Code 1
Engine series: 5-Cyl. 2.7L
Engine type: 2.7L L5 DOHC 20V TURBO DIESEL

Camper built new in October 2012 with the help of Outsidevan in Oregon.  All of the camping conversion accessories are only a year and a half old.  

See Building Vanna Album at SouthernTipTrip.com or directly at: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/115213533408297932831/albums/59243966...

Electrical: Conversion includes two 150 watt solar panels, solar controller, four 6-volt premium gel batteries mounted under the van, a plug in battery charger, a solenoid to charge the batteries from the alternator, LED lights, Stainless Isotherm refrigerator, 120 volt water heater, two domestic water pumps, 10 speed fantastic fan with rain sensor, backup monitor, CB Radio, 2000 watt Xantrax inverter.  His/Her reading lamps.  All wires are marine grade, oversized, and have heat shrunk connections.

Plumbing: 35 gallon water tank, 6 gallon hot water heater, regular household size stainless sink and faucet.  Separate water pump, filter, and spigot at the sink for potable water pumped from 5 gallon blue jugs you get on the Panam (we keep 3 under the bed).  2ft x 2ft shower and another shower by the door to spray sand and dirt off before you get in.

Interior:  Premium polyester insulation, plywood/foam/fabric paneling throughout, 5 foot long kitchen and overhead cabinets.  Bulkhead behind the seats for security when shipping.  Extra exterior door puck locks for cargo area.  Queen size memory foam bed with room for bikes, chairs, and heaps more stuff underneath.  Bug screens on side and back doors.  Mesh bags inside for clothes.  Propane stove and two aluminum propane canisters.  Privacy curtain to cab and half curtain in bed that can be drawn when someone is reading late.
Light Aluminum custom rack on top to hold sup boards, surf boards, kayaks.

We were rear-ended by a truck in Colombia and the back corner of the van has some body damage and the rear driver side cargo door does not open all the way.  The van drives perfectly and we never really needed to open the rear left door.  We found some guys in Colombia that could fix it for $1000 but we did not want to wait a week to fix it.
 We love this low mileage van and will have to spend a lot of time and money building a new one but we’re thinking if we find the right buyer we could avoid the hassle of shipping it and all of our stuff home to Oregon.

Contact Erik Estrem
[email protected]

Wed, 12/18/2013 - 11:13

Also has a CB Radio and all

Also has a CB Radio and all the roadside saftey gear required in Americas countries.  Erik