31 May 2015 SOLD !! Selling Astro Van Chevrolet (US registered) in Colombia mid april-may

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31 May 2015 SOLD !! Selling Astro Van Chevrolet (US registered) in Colombia mid april-may

We are selling our beloved Astro Van mid-April in Colombia. We've been on a year long roadtrip from California through Central America to Colombia. We bought the car in San Francisco from a travelling Swiss couple and have had no trouble driving it since.

This is a Chevrolet Astro Van Passenger with 2 front seats (the back seats were removed to have space to put the mattress to sleep and all our cooking and travelling gear)
Year 2002, V6 motor, 4.3L, 209 000 M (336 000 KM), RWD, Automatic, ABS, Power Steering, Air Conditionning front and rear, Power windows and door locks, Privacy glass (only front windows are 'normal'), Air bags, Roof rack and many more things.

We are selling with it all our travelling gear :

- 1 mini-fridge that you can plug in one of the 3 cigarette lighter receptacles of the car or just use as a cooler if you feel like it
-1 mattress, two pillows and several blankets
- all our cooking stuff : a Coleman gas camping stove (2 burners) and 1 additionnal single gas stove, a BBQ, and all our several pans, dishes, food boxes, etc.
-our camping stuff : a tent, 2 sleeping bags, 2 small pillows, flashlights
- our electronic gear : a GPS (with all the maps of North and Central America - you can buy and download the rest of course), a USB adapter, another adapter where you can plug both USB and US electrical plugs (US power outlet), a tape that allows you to play music with your iWhatever, smartphone, MP3 players etc. (there is also a CD player in the car)

The car has French owners, a clean US title, was registered last October and passed the smog test in California. Selling it in Colombia to fellow travelers is easy, don't be shy :)

We are selling the whole package for 4500 US$ (TBD). We have photos we can send and don't hesitate if you need more details !

Thu, 04/23/2015 - 06:16

Still selling?

Still selling? Where in Columbia are you? PM on [email protected] if preferred.