4WD Nissan Patrol Safari for sale in Buenos Aires

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#1 Tue, 04/28/2015 - 11:56

4WD Nissan Patrol Safari for sale in Buenos Aires

We are selling our Nissan Patrol 4x4 fully equipped and functional for a 2 persons roadtrip, on any type of roads.
All the preparation is visible on our blog http://www.fromparistorio.com/tw-portfolio/4x4/ and the roads he took.

The goal was to keep it once we arrive in Rio de Janeiro (we start a new life after 4 months and 25,000km on the road), but the importation of a used vehicle is simply forbidden or at least impossible in Brazil, so change of plan against heart, we sell it, and we'll find a replacement car in Rio ... another project.

Note that we bought it from a very good mechanic, his personal vehicle, it had been completely revised and certified by another mechanic before leaving to avoid unpleasant surprises, but we did not have much to do, the engine is indestructible. In the meantime it has traveled 25 000km so his condition is still impeccable, he is ready to hit the road tomorrow and will take you on any field.

To know:
This is a Spanish model of Patrol, prepared for the African raids by the Ebro brand, so it is extended and enhanced, it allowed us to install a double bed and large storages lockers but it is a patrol, the model 260.

Technical Spec:
Model 1998 purchased at 135000 km (see photo on the blog), it has traveled since 25000km more.
6cylindres 2,8LD atmospheric engine.
Timing belt changed before leaving.
Draining and update filters (air / gazoile / oil).
Consumption: Highway 11 to 13l / 100 (I personally do not exceed too 100 / 110km / h in order not to consume as it is the main budget of a roadtrip).
No electronics in the engine, which means that if you ever have a problem, any mechanic can help you out, and there is a good one in every village you pass through here. Note that Nissan is widespread in South America, including Patrol.

Hard rack amenities: (see all that you want to keep with the price negotiations)
It was done in France a custom gallery that was reinforced to endure the hard roads of South America tracks. He had over 300kg of equipment and it held.
2 spare wheels.
1 jerrycans of 20L

120cmX190cm bed, bultex.
4 large and long storage under the bed with 4 large boxes for clothes, dishes, food.
Folding board which closes the storage space and which we used for cooking.
Waeco fridge http://www.neb.fr/...2-NEB-waeco-TC35.pdf very useful.
Safetybox of good size.
Electrical installation with 2 secondary batteries in relay with the main battery, all connected to an electrical panel, typically used in boats.
Which is connected to the board with switches: 3 LED bars (1 front and 2 rear), 2 USB ports front, 1 extra cigarette lighter, fridge, 2 kindlest cigars at rear.
2 long range lights with a switch front.

The car is parked in Buenos Aires, Andean Roads campsite - http://www.andeanroads.com/
If you want to take him back to your country at the end of your trip, we have good contact carrier, we paid 3000€ to go to dedicated container between Holland and Montevideo but you can find at 1500€.

US$8,000 negotiable in order of course reasonable, there is nothing to do on the car, if not to go where you want.

It's almost all, if you have any questions do not hesitate!


Mon, 06/29/2015 - 07:57

New location and price

Price is lower and the car is now in Buenos Aires for a while.

Sun, 07/26/2015 - 03:27

Hello Mat,

Hello Mat,

I am interested in your Nissan.

My problem is that I won't be in Bs.As. until November...so I wish to know if you haven't sold it by then, do you intend to leave it with someone who could do the deal for you.