4x4 camperized to sell in Chile or Argentina around May-June-July

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4x4 camperized to sell in Chile or Argentina around May-June-July

Hello travellers, our trip comes to the end and we sell our travel partner for the last few months in Southamérica. We plan to sell it for May, June or July between Chile and Argentina, depending from the buyer. Right now we are in the Bariloche area for some weeks.

4x4 to sell in argentina/chile

Our car is a Mitsubishi Pajero 1994, 2800 Turbo Diesel with 232.000 km. A good fuel economy for this kind of vehicles (11l/100km.) Plates are from Europe, very easy to do the owner transfer and to cross borders in all América without problems. I give some more details about transfer at the end of the post.

We "camperized" it with a very confortable bed (190 x 140 m) in the rear that can be converted in a sit for 2-3 people more. The windows in the rear are tinted, so you can leave your stuff and sleep confortably since the people can not see you from outside. In the front the glas are not tinted so that police don´t bother you when driving but a curtain separate both parts. In the roof there is a water-shower system installed and a 100l storage box.
The engine is in good conditions, was repaired all the parts around 25.000 km. and have been chaged some other parts. The car is ready to drive, have some issues from the age (some rust, some oil leaking and scratchs in the windshield) but nothing to worry about, it has these issues when we bought 23.000 km ago and has never given a problem about or stopped when driving. Some parts that have been fixed or replaced:

- Oils and lubrication  (February 2014)
- Replaced parts in the starter engine (October 2013)
- New Clutch (October 2013)
- Transmission crosshead (October 2013)
- Wheel balancing (October 2013)
- New Battery 15 "placas" (August 2013)
- New preheating system and sparks (July 2013)
- Back and front brake pads,
- Ball joints and more.
- Oils and filters have been changed every 3000-5000 km.
- Engine correction (November 2012)

The car is equipped with:
- 2 new tires (market price in Southamerica 450$ each), 2 in good condition and 2 extra spare tires with ring.
- Halogen lights on the roof working
- Electronic solar roof (really usefull! and confortable)
- Place on the top ready for a roof tent
- Dvd, mp3, Cd, SIM card reader
- Air-conditioner (maintenance must be done to get it work)
- Installation for a second battery in the rear to charge electronic stuff and give more power to the main battery.
- Pipes on the front & back &sides
- Snorkel
- Tinted windows
- 12-220V power convertors
- Tank for petrol
- Spare parts (4 belts, brake parts...)
- Extra TOOLS: Jack, jump leads, tool box (everything what you will need), emergency lamp and many other things
- Fire extinguisher
- Water-shower tank system in the roof
- 2 Portable kitchens, one with gas and one electric small kitchen.
- Kitchen utensils and grill for BBQ

-South America Lonely planet guide

Moreover we give the buyer a PDF travel guide for driving the americas, very usefull to now tips, how to cross borders, safety rules, countries information...etc.

CONTACT through the forum

You can see pictures of the car in: http://www.unmillondeelefantes.com/red-social-viajes/fotos-de-los-viajeros/62-administrator/album.html?albumid=38


You can see the inner of the car in this video: http://www.unmillondeelefantes.com/red-social-viajes/videos-de-viajes/62-administrator/video/62-Mitsubishi+2800+Turbo+for+SALE.html



The car is registered in Poland with the original tittles from Europe, but it makes much more easy to sell (to a traveller or a local who want to travel) and travel with it in Southamerica. The vehicle has the original tittle and an own vehicle passport with pages for owners.To sell/buy it just need to be done an internal contract of transfer in a Notary and write the new owners name in the vehicle Passport and stamp it. That is all. Fast and cheap.

To cross the borders or when police stop you, your name is in the passport from the vehicle so everything is legal and right. We never had a problem with police or in the borders from Colombia to here. Actually as the papers are in polish and police don´t understand them very well, they just let you go on driving since they are not used to these tittles and can not scam you.


We sell it for 5.750 US$ or equivalent in Euros


Tue, 05/13/2014 - 12:55

We change our dates, we sell

We change our dates, we sell it right now from May to July

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 08:34



Im very interested in your moto but cannot see any pix or videos via the links -

Im heading to Santiago in July and then driving all 13 countries so this sounds ideal for me


Can you contact me asap





Mon, 05/19/2014 - 09:15 (Reply to #3)

Now are working the links

Hi Kurtis, try the links now, casually the server fall down for some time when you were trying to enter.

You can write me to [email protected] for personal emails.


Mon, 05/19/2014 - 09:17

I can see the pictures now

I can see the pictures now (server must of been down) - looks good

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 09:40

I will not be in Chile until

I will not be in Chile until the middle of July, would that be too late for you?

Fri, 05/23/2014 - 06:21

in Argentina now...

hi there :-) 

still in Bariloche? I'll be there in a few weeks - in Bs As currently. 

what country is the truck registered in? I have cash and could meet you somewhere if we can make the deal :-)


11 2155 4356

Fri, 05/23/2014 - 07:32 (Reply to #7)

Hi Dusty, yes we are still in

Hi Dusty, yes we are still in El Bolsón for some weeks more.

About transfer or vehicle tittle i added some more details in the post, so that everyone can read it.


Sat, 05/24/2014 - 17:53

Price Down to 5750$

We go down the price to sell it in June 5750$