4x4 Motorhome Awsome for sale in Chile NOW

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4x4 Motorhome Awsome for sale in Chile NOW

Update for Kia expedition Vehicle 4x4 in Chile for sale
Hi Everyone!

Now for Sale reliable and absolutely unique house on  six wheels (4x4)
Many months of general restoration are coming to an end and the ideal vehicle on two axles and six wheels is again available to adventurous travelers throughout South America.
It is a Kia 4x4 with a small expedition body, ideal to enjoy life in any kind of weather, anywhere with a comfortable headroom.

• Lots of storage space
• Headroom
• Power autarchy through 12V / 220V system
• 195Watt solar cell (Polikristalina)
• 150Ah camping battery (New)
• 180 watt sinus converter
• 12V refrigerator (optional)
• Additional third Deep cycle batery for larger power consumers (optional)
Second large solar cell (optional)
• Digital safe with numeric code and special key
• bed upstairs (1 person)
• double bed downstairs (1-2 persons)
• seating group (4 persons)
• Two flame Stove
• Sink with 12V water pump and water tank 60L below and 30 liters on top of the roof.
• Three seats with seatbelts at the front
• Outdoor shower for a short wash down
• 12V interior lighting
• 220V external plug for connecting to campsites (if you ever need one).

Things that were prepared in months of minutest work

• Cab completely polished on the outside, rust preventive treated and repainted.
• Body completely sanded, sealed from the ground up, primed and repainted.
• Underfloor completely derusted and protected with special paints.
• Taillights, all front position lights, brake lights front and rear everything new.
• Roof completely sanded and re-sealed as a precautionary measure.
• Solar system re-glued and wired.

Ceiling and walls lined with new spruce wood. Interior and exterior lighting new.
Enough space to retrofit as needed, e.g. Campingtoilet or camping shower to install.
Enough storage space downstairs to stow even a couple of surfboards.

Further data:
• The vehicle has Chilean documents, Chilean plates, valid technicle inspection, street legal and compulsory insurance.
• The 2.4-liter diesel engine has been replaced about 45 thousand kilometers ago and replaced by a slightly more powerful 3.0 liter original Kia engine.
• built in 2000
• Mileage vehicle 247 thousand km
• Mobile with normal B driver's license.
• The car can be legally transfered and driven by tourists. All you have to do is request a number for free at the SII (Servicio Impuestos Internos, the Chilean tax office) after your arrival.
• The car may be legally (with appropriate insurance for the country) in any country of South America and introduced. If you want to stay outside Chile for more than 90 days at a time, you can simply apply to the nearest Chilean Consulate for an expiry 30 days before the deadline expires. But Chile is 4000km long, so it generally should not be a problem.
• Consumption 10-12 liters of diesel per 100Km
• Manageable mechanics
• Hardly any electronics can break
• Power autarky for laptop, smartphone and co.
• When you open the big doors at the back, the world is at your feet, see photos!
• A true all-wheel-drive animal that (almost) everywhere comes up and down.

Special remarks:
Some photos were taken before the renovation, Once the paint has dried and the inside looks nice again and the linen are done, more updates will be posted.

With this vehicle you will experience unforgettable peace in the vast nature of South America.
The "house" always there, it serves as a moving office, moving kitchen, driving love nest, all-weather protection or river crossing mobile. It is ideal camper on lonely beaches and high up on the mountains.
As a result, you will never again need paid camping, which saves tons of money that zou can spend in other things!
When people see you on the street, you always get a guaranteed big grin on the faces conjured, even by the police!
More details on request

Contact: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +56976520181

Sales price: € 16'900, - or equivalent in pesos Chilenos

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