4x4 FOR SALE in chile late february - early march. Nissan Pathfinder

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4x4 FOR SALE in chile late february - early march. Nissan Pathfinder

Holà chicos !

Our Nissan Pathfinder 3.5 V6, year 2002 is for sale!
It will have around 210.000 km (we still use it, so we don't know exactly...) and will be for sale late february in the north of Chile (Antofagasta or other city) or Santiago early march.
Price is 6800euros (preferable) but other currency may be accepted partially in cash: USD, CLP. (Equiv 8100 USD aprox)

History and Mechanics:
We are frenchies, the 3rd owners of the vehicle, we bought it at a Chilean family in Santiago. We pay the services of a "car-seeker" guy to be sure of the vehicle quality and "sanity". Car was revised in a high-quality garage in Santiago, specialized in 4x4 before the trip. We change the 4 tires (spare wheel is a real one with an almost new tire), filter changes, oil changes, breaks revision and some other little stuff.
We drive all the way down to Ushuaia and way up without any problem, that vehicle never disapointed us.
It's an automatic, with a real 4x4 gearbox selector (2Hi, 4Hi, 4Lo).
We care well of the vehicle, and it's a real 4x4 that is to say: robust and will drive you everywhere!

Options that are really good sometimes :
Electric windows
Central lock
Leather seats
Cruise control
Electric seats
Sun roof

Papers :
All papers are in our name. You will need a RUT to buy us the car. We can explained to you how to do so.
Revision tecnica is good until october 2018.
Mandatory Chilean insurance will have to be renewed in march. (easy and really cheap stuff)
To cross borders (Argentina and Bolivia) you will only need you passport and the vehicle paperworks (it can be read that law changed in 2016 but that is not true, even the customs are sometimes wrong. We have a signed note from the national direction of customs that says you just need passport and padron, the note will help you pass every border and will stay in the car ;-))

Rig features :
- Removable 190x135 bed (seats are still here, allows you to carry people or to have a spacy and comfy leather sofa for rainy or windy days: for sure that is not so often but really, really appreciable. With the sun roof it gives you a max of natural light!)
- Wooden built structure in the trunk, with an awesome drawer for the kitchen ;-)
- 2 plastic boxes
- 1 basin
- 2 camping seats
- 4 usb plugs
- an fm emitter with jack cords, usb reader, sd card reader: perfect to broadcast your favorite music in the car audio system.
- 1 sun-heating shower
- 2 water jerricans 10l each
- 1 gasoline jerrican of 20l
- 1 feather comforter
- A barbecue grill
- Curtains
Note that we use our thin camping mastresses in the bed and that they will not be sold with the car. Real foam mastresses are easy to buy at every customs dimensions, we have plans if you want.

Contact :
Whatsapp (pref): +543757310112
Mail: [email protected]

Ciao locos
Antoine and Claire

Tue, 01/16/2018 - 03:01



Je serai à Santiago vers la mi-mars (12 mars je pense), après un passage à Buenos Aires. Y serez-vous encore à cette date ? 

Votre véhicule est très intéressant et semble en bonne condition ! 

Le prix est-il définitif ou discutable ? 

Combien de temps faut-il compter pour toutes les démarches administratives (RUT, etc.) avant de pouvoir être propriétaire du véhicule ?

Merci pour ces infos et belle suite de voxage à vous.