'97 Toyota 4Runner for sale [July/August - BA, Argentina]

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'97 Toyota 4Runner for sale [July/August - BA, Argentina]


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For Sale: Our '97 Toyota 4Runner [4x4], Sweetcakes. [name non-negotiable. "Not Really". - Ike. "Really." - Bethany]

When: 31-Jul-15 [ish]

Where: Buenos Aires [flexible]

Price: $8000 [or best offer; all serious inquires considered :)]

Quick Facts: ~300k miles [155k engine]; 140w Solar setup; Edgestar refrigerator; Bed platform; rear cargo swingout; camping / cooking gear; hidden lockbox.

Line-item facts:

1. removed back seat & installed bed platform made of plywood. Platform is bolted into the rear seat mounts. Very sturdy. Covered with removable utility mat. Platform is hinged for easy access to storage below.
2. Installed 140W solar panel on roof. Has 1600W inverter, 104amp hour AGM solar battery (probably lost about 15% capacity), and solar charge controller with Low Voltage Disconnect. This runs our Edgestar fridge (comes with vehicle) and all our electronics.
3. Prior to the trip we replaced front & rear shocks with Bilsteins, new Firestone A/T tires (including spare; purchased two additional Goodyear A/T's in Peru), e-brake, headlights, fluids, belts.
4. Currently has 293k miles and we plan to put on another 10-15k on our trip. Has a "new" engine that was 125k when installed, and currently has 155k miles.
5. During the trip we've done several misc. repairs, including front & rear brake pads & rotors. Replaced rear o-rings, 1 wheel bearing (rear passenger).
6. Custom built rear swing-out for carrying our 20L jerry can, 20L water jug, 13lb propane tank, and emergency triangles.
7. You can see in the pictures that the body has superficial rust damage, primarily near the running boards. There is light rust on the chassis. The worst area the rear arm control mount on the drivers side, and we had that welded in Belize.
8. We recently had the tail pipe re-welded to the muffler.
9. We installed an air bag system in the rear springs to help with the extra weight and ride comfort.
10. Bull guard installed on front.
11.Custom lockbox hidden behind driver's seat; can hold a laptop and cash/documents.
12. lockable hitch pin, gas cap; theft resistant lugnuts and license plate screws.
13. Windows are tinted and all electronics, windows and AC work. 4WD works. Interior is lightly warn, but no damage. Sun roof does not leak.
14. We would be willing to sell most of our camping / cooking gear with the vehicle, depending on the buyer's interest/needs.
15. Minor crack in the windshield on the passenger side along the bottom. The passenger side door lock is broken (we may fix it). The door locks, but you cannot use a key to open the car from that side. Key fob works.