'99 DR350SE in Bolivia, Sep/Oct

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'99 DR350SE in Bolivia, Sep/Oct

Looking to sell a Canadian-plated '99 DR350SE in Bolivia end of September / start of October time. I'm currently in Arequipa, Peru.

Bike runs perfectly, and has never failed to start (have ridden it down from Calgary the past year). No squeaks or rattles, shifts perfectly, charges perfectly, tracks perfectly straight, no backfiring or decel popping, runs cool, leaks not a drop, burns no measurable oil between changes, will idle smoothly to 1k and below (you really suck if you manage to stall this bike!): it just works.

The only thing not currently working is the speedometer/odometer. The cable broke as I was entering South America (there's 23k km's on the odometer, so add a few k's since then). I fixed the cable but the speedo gear is chewed out: cheap fix if you care, but I've always used my GPS as the speedo anyway.

I rebuilt the bike before I started out in Canada. Oil changed every 1k km's approx, oil filter replaced every other oil change, air filter cleaned/oiled at every oil change / as needed, valves regularly done (very easy on this bike), chain lubed, suspension grease fittings hit regularly (nice feature of the DR are all the zerk fittings).

Aftermarket parts: Acerbis tank with dual petcocks (always run with fuel filters, changed regularly), aluminum 'bark busters', Seat Concepts gripper seat, ManRacks long rack, grip heaters (key wired), 12v outlet, windscreen, aluminum skid plate, sheepskin seat cover, bar raiser, #3 kuba links (I have the originals if you're tall; I can flat-foot the bike at 5'7").

Spare parts: complete seal and gasket kit minus only a clutch-side gasket (used when I changed the clutch out), multiples of every o-ring on the bike, two carb rebuild kits, pickup coil, front bearings, spark plug, clutch cable, front pads, fork seals, rear tube (unused; the tubes on the bike are unpatched), patch kits, fuel filters, sprocket sir-clips, various bolts, fuses, spare keys (including steering lock key)... I come prepared!

New parts: new clutch cable and spark plug in Mexico, steering stem and head bearings in Nicaragua (some idiot hit me, everything else was completely undamaged and I had the front suspension professionally rebuilt and front wheel professionally trued to be sure), grips in Colombia, new throttle cable, rear wheel bearings, chain, and rear tire in Ecuador, new front tire and new clutch plates and springs in Peru.

Tools: basically everything you'd need to take the bike completely apart. All wrenches and keys that fit the bike, tire irons, 12v pump, feeler gauges, spark-plug puller, ratchet straps, etc. I have the Clymer manual which is worth it's weight in gold.

About the DR: I've been running a 38t rear sprocket and swapping between 15 and 14t front. I have a 13t front that will also fit with the same chain, but it's really only needed for rock-crawling so haven't used it at all. The 350's big/powerful enough to cruise all day loaded up at 100km in reasonable comfort with some power to pass, but small enough to go all the wild places I have (there's no way a bigger bike could have gone to many, particularly not alone where you need to be able to pick it up unaided). The size also makes it easy to park inside at night, and weave though city traffic. Even with the lowering links there's enormous clearance: I pay no heed to speed bumps or potholes and have literally never once bottomed out or hit the skid plate.

The suspension is adjustable for rebound and compression at the front. The rear for preload and dampening.

The only part you'd want to order from the first world are new sprockets. There's still lots of life left on the current set (see pics), but you won't find replacements down here.

Luggage: MoskoMoto Reckless 80 v2. I LOVE THESE BAGS!!!! They've worked perfectly, and remain perfectly waterproof. Possibly the highest quality best thought-out thing I've ever owned. https://moskomoto.com/collections/moto-camping-luggage/products/reckless...

Looking for $2k USD for the bike, $300 for the luggage (if you don't want the luggage I'll happily keep it!). I have all the papers for the bike in my name. If you have questions (i.e. about how to do the handoff) message me.

I really don't think you could put together a better third-world touring setup at any price.

p.s. I realize now I forgot to show the brake light working in the video: it does. I don't have a GoPro to show the bike driving, but it all works perfectly as-new. I've run it up to 5000m elevation no problems no fiddling with the carb (I just set the throttle hold-open as I go up/down elevation). It's never overheated even crawling through city traffic for hours in extreme heat.

p.p.s. Anything that looks like it might be rust/corrosion in the pics is actually just dirt.

Startup: https://youtu.be/my7wyb_Llms

Pictures: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9QHFTPtROJITl9nUkxTWGEzUWs