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We love our VW Transporter T5, but are moving to Scotland so sadly are forced to sell it. We bought it as a 9 seater but have converted it to a nice little camper van arrangement which has enable us to do some epic trips around Chile. It includes a double bed, desk, kitchen, fridge, roof rack and a solar system power. All papers up to date, price negotiable!


It has a relatively low number of kilometres (150.000 km) on the clock considering that these Volkswagen Kombi Transporters are the best quality on the market and can keep running up to 400,000 km and beyond. It drives amazingly well (much better than larger vans) and feels more like a car to drive. The acceleration and handling are much better than for example a Hyundai H1 and the reliability is excellent. We have taken it as far as the Atacam and Puerto Montt and have never had any problems with it. You can do more than 1,000 km on one (80 litre) tank of diesel! Obviously the van is two wheel drive but we have found that driven carefully it can handle most of the dirt tracks needed to access National Parks, beaches etc.

The van is in great condition and has been very well loved and looked after. When we bought it we did a full maintenance service on it and replaced the main drive belt as a preventive measure. The oil, brake pads, fuel and air filters have all been changed at the recommended intervals and we have notes of this in the service history book.

The van is classed as a "station wagon" in Chile and therefore is cheap to insure and you can use it with regular driving licence. It can be configured with nine seats or just with the front three. In the photos shown here we have the front three seats plus two of the middle row seats in place, along with a sofa bed, some cupboards and a two ring gas stove installed where the three back seats would be. All the seats are available at no extra cost. The current set-up allows for five or six passengers but if the middle row of seats is completely removed then there is a folding table which creates a nice space inside for eating.

The solar system:

The 150 W solar panel on the roof charges a special deep cycle 100 Ah battery underneath the driver's seat. The 12 V lighting circuit is powered directly via the solar panel controller (which protects the battery from under or over charge), minimising the amount of power used by the energy efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) strips over the stove area and around the dining table. A bank of three 12V cigarette lighter sockets allows you to connect mobile phones or any other items directly to the 12 V circuit.

The custom black detachable steel roof rack and solar panel mounting arrangement is designed so that the van can still enter into underground parking lots. The solar panel can also be rotated if necessary in the winter to catch more sunlight. In general we have found that the combination of a 150 W panel and a 100 Ah inverter is sufficient for a full day of laptop working, the cooler and lights in the evening.

There is a high quality inverter sized for this system (with additional electrical protection) which steps up the voltage from 12 to 220 V and has a conventional household socket for powering laptops and other more power-hungry devices. The thermo-electric cooler (which can also be used to heat up food) has two plugs and can run off either the 12 V or the 220 V system. All of the electrical equipment described is earthed to the van chassis and in good working order. The wires from the door panel and to the power points are protected behind the interior panels.

List of equipment included with the van:

• 6 removable seats (back row of three, middle row of 2 + 1 individual)
• 150 W solar photovoltaic panel
• 12 V solar panel controller with over/under charge protection
• 100 Ah deep cycle battery
• 12 V to 220 V intelligent inverter
• High security safe / safety deposit box bolted to the van chassis with passcode - for leaving passports and valuables
• Folding wooden sofa bed and mattress with storage space underneath
• Wooden storage cabinets, shelves and spice rack!
• Folding wooden dining table
• Safety approved gas stove and gas canister - you can store the gas outside or on the roof if desired but we have never had any problems
• Bolted steel roof rack and solar panel mounting arrangement, painted with black anti-corrosion paint
• Wheel clamp for additional security if leaving the van unattended for long periods
• Jump leads (never used!) for restarting the van - or someone else's vehicle
• Spare wheel under fear of van and jack for fitting this

All papers are up to date (registered in Chile):

- The TC is valid until 30/08/2017
- The permiso of circulación is valid until 31/03/2018
- The seguro obligatorio in Chile is valid until 31/03/2018

Happy to answer any questions!

Andrea Sánchez, from Santiago

Whatsapp and phone number: +569 9979 4245

Email and Facebook: [email protected]

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