CamperVan For Sale Santiago de Chile

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CamperVan For Sale Santiago de Chile

Hi everyone ! Our Camper van is available from early April, possibility to store it in a secure parking in Santiago for several weeks if needed for sale.

We are looking for new owners for our dear travel companion who has accompanied us for 4 months on the roads of Chile and Argentina! Yes, all good things have an end…

Small presentation of our campervan (4x4 plus cell): First, the 4x4 itself is robust and powerful, it passes without problem on the rugged tracks of South America, it is a reliable and comfortable vehicle to drive. This is a Dodge Ram 2500 V8 Magnum from 1998 (petrol), which has just passed the 205,000 km but is not about to stop ! It has 6 seated seats, allowing you to travel with other persons and/or offering you a large front driving space and storage on the back seat. It is a Canadian vehicle, so there are steps to be taken via Quebec to obtain the permission to drive it, but really easy (better if youknow someone in Canada.) On the other hand, the Sun-Lite cell offers ideal comfort for traveling. It is equipped with a refrigerator (gas or electric), 3 gas plates (with hood), a gas heating, a sink, a WC (yes yes!), a King Size bed (200x180), a table and benches as well as numerous storage. And icing on the cake, the table is even removable to offer an extra bed of 2 places ! Designed for camping, storage is practical and the whole is functional which makes this space very pleasant. We spent four months with this faithful companion, and whether it was for the cold nights spent in Tierra del Fuego, the crossing of Patagonia, or the many explorations we had, it was really the ideal road companion, but it is time for us to leave him because we continue the journey by finding friends in Bolivia.

The Sun-Lite cell consists of:
- double bed (200x180 cm) + extra bed 2 places
- heating (gas with thermostat)
- 3 plates (gas + exhaust hood)
- 1 refrigerator (gas or electricity)
- 1 sink (+ kitchen utensils for 2 persons, many cutlery, pan, stove, strainer, glasses, plates, can opener, citrus press, etc.) - 1 WC!
- 1 bench seat (4 seats) and 1 table
- 1 mini vacuum cleaner (on cigar lighter)
- 1 reservoir of 80 L of water + 2 gas cylinders supplied
- 4 windows opening for ventilation + 3 skylights opening also with mosquito net)
- Numerous storage and with the whole:
- 1 table + 2 outdoor folding chairs
- 1 emergency jerry can
- 1 emergency battery + clamps
- 1 hose for filling the vessel
- 1 solar shower;
- Sheets, duvet, plaid, pillows (perfectly clean, new)
- Various vehicle and airframe maintenance products
- Some tools

Vehicle maintenance has been done regularly, unfortunately we have not been able to get bills for our garage passes (it doesn’t work like that here in South America !). Nevertheless, we know what the last owners had done in terms of maintenance, and we take advantage of it when we visit the “big cities” to do a review in a Dodge brand specialist garage. Recently we cleaned the injectors and the gas pump. We also put new brakes at the rear on the end of our journey. The rear blades were changed before our trip and we have a list, if you wish, of the maintenance done by the previous owners who had kept it for 1 and a half years. The tyres are around 12000kms, but they are good qualities and can still make much as much double. Last revised: March 28, 2019 in a Dodge RAM specialist garage.

We sell the beast at the PRICE OF 11,500 EUROS [12900 USD] because it is rather urgent !

The rest of our journey depends on the sale of our van.

For more details, we remain at your disposal and we will of course be present if you need help or advice for your trip. We have a detailed video of the van outside and inside on request if interested :)
See you soon to adopt your new companion!

Contact us on Insta or FB social networks: Awokenbynature

Or by email:
[email protected]
[email protected]




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