Car FOR SALE // RENT -ONLY 2500$- Subaru Leone 1993, 4x4, in Argentina

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Car FOR SALE // RENT -ONLY 2500$- Subaru Leone 1993, 4x4, in Argentina





FOR SALE // RENT for 3 month to explore fantastic Argentina!

ONLY 2.500 $


You might be wondering about the price? Compared to other sellers, like ours few month ago, we are honest and let you know all the details before you make up your decision. 
We will tell you all the pluses and minuses, here we go:

If you are heading south and up to explore the massive distances of beautiful Argentina, this is the perfect car for you - but you may only drive within the borders! We spent the last 3 month doing this and it was awesome! But crossing the frontiers is not possible due to its papers. The papers are from Columbia and they are all good and complete and include everything necessary for driving the vehicle within Argentina, as well as those you need for getting an insurance. By the way, we have a very convenient insurance contact and can help you with that. But crossing borders and selling the car will not be possible in a normal way. Well, there are many odd ways to solve things in Latin America. There is a need to be more creative in those things, like we do now. 

But compared to renting or buying a car (we payed much more) in Argentina, we can offer you this great deal. Compare it to overland bus prices and accommodation costs and you will figure out: you will spent less and gain more, if you chose this offer. We hope to find someone who fits perfectly to this conditions. Of course you can have further details if you are interested.

Here some nice facts about the car itself:
The backseats have been taken out and it is modified into a solid wooden construction for sleeping and storage space for clothes, backpacks, pillows, blankets, kitchen equipment and food. Everything is very nicely made. On the rooftop there is a water tank, a gas bottle which is connected to a stove that can be taken down easily for cooking, a table and two camping chairs. It also has a sound system.

Besides that it comes with 2x pillows, 2x blankets, 1x cosy wool blanket for cold nights, 1x mattress for two, mosquito nets and curtains for windows, kitchen equipment like pans, pots, etc. which you can check in detail on the pictures below.

The car is a 4x4 four wheel drive which is really useful if you want to pull off the street somewhere. So adventure seeking and looking for beautiful spots to sleep is definitely possible with this car. We also fixed and changed few parts lately. The carburetor is changed. Battery, oil filter, gas filter, spark plugs and light bulbs are completely new.
It had a general check in a workshop in december so everything runs well and save. But don’t forget this car is from 1993, so it does not drive like a brand new one of course!
And it has one more thing most elderly cars have, it leaks oil. Repairing this is very expensive and any mechanic recommends to just carry a canister of oil and check and refill it quite frequently. This worked very well for us, since taking care of the car and observing its liquids is a daily habit anyways when you dedicate yourself to nomad life on the road.

Don’t forget to check the pictures below.

The price is a little negotiable, but not much.


For further questions feel free to contact us: [email protected]
Or via Whatsapp: +49 177 3160658


Best regards,

Hannes and Lu