Colon, Panama - Cartagena, Colombia Ferry // Second Try

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Colon, Panama - Cartagena, Colombia Ferry // Second Try

Hey Everyone, we're new here, but have been using this great source of info for a while. We are in Honduras, on our way down to Ecuador. We have been hearing rumors of a ferry, and while there have always been rumors of a ferry, we have our doubts. 

HOWEVER, that said, the company Colon 2000 (which was incharge of the first attempt back in 2007, appears to be trying again. Scheduled for October 24th of this year (2014), it looks like there is plan for a new ferry. 18 hours and $99/person (no info yet on car prices, but it says they will have space for 500 vehicles), from Panama to Colombia. 

Is there anyone that can provide any more info? There are a handful of websites with the same info, but it looks like they're all reiterating the same announcement, with no new info.

This would be amazing, if true. Anyone in Panama or Colombia who can shine some light on the subject?

Heres the article on´ferry´-zarpará-en-octubre/5203-´ferry´-zarpará-en-octubre.html



Wed, 10/01/2014 - 16:12


all the details on the co site


Wed, 10/01/2014 - 19:31

thanks George, I was looking

thanks George, I was looking all over for a site but couldnt find anything, which was discouraging. This looks great!

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the new ferry has left italy en route for colon panama you can follow at