crossing central america with notarized letter.

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#1 Sat, 03/17/2018 - 07:39

crossing central america with notarized letter.

Hi all.

My name is Ariel. 

my girlfriend an I left montreal on dec 2016.

and right now we are in panama, bocas del toro.

the car is under her name (sins we boght it in montreal and Im from israel),

I was looking a lot on the web for information related to crossing all the borders around in central america (from mexico to panama) because we separated for 4 month and I didnt want to get stuck in mexico with the car, unable to drive out.

the things I read where in the best case unclear. and in the worst case very negative, saying it can not be done. (driving with a notorized letter from a lawyer stating the Im appruved by the owner to drive the car).

well.. I just wanted to share with you all that I did it. 

I got a notorized letter from a lawyer in canada (just couse my girlfriend was there at the time) and I translated it to spanish in cozumel mexico (by a notoriun). I called all the embassys and got green light. even than I was still a bit nervus on every border I got. 

but it all went really smooth, I had no problams and no issus what so ever.

so if someone was woundering if its possible. 

it is. and very easy to do.