Expedition car Mitsubishi Pajero for sale in Colombia

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Expedition car Mitsubishi Pajero for sale in Colombia



We have for sale 4x4 expedition car: Mitsubishi Pajero Turbo Diesel, 1994 in Colombia (Cucuta):

* Engine 2.8, in extremly good condition

*very economic, around 11 l. /100km (which is great, because diesel is much cheaper in all South America:) )

* freshly changed: back and front brake pads (we drive with them only 20 km):), ball joints and more


Fully equipped:


sun roof,pipes on the front & back &sides,


extra damper springs on the back,


2 spare tires,

spare parts,

tank for petrol,


dvd, mp3, Cd, SIM card reader

.....)and many many more


Jack, jump leads, grease gun, tool box (everything what you will need): hammer, wheel nut spider, screw-drivers, all sets of:  double-head wrench, End Pipe Wrench and much more.

Oils and filters: we change them more less about every 5000-6000 km. We systematically checked level of the oils. We have a grease gun, so we grease everything systematically as well

The tread of the new tire has around 1,5 cm, the tires from the front and from the back have around 1cm. So we used around 40% of the tires. We drove nearly 40.000 km for all kind of terrain, mostly very bed one. We fixed one tire just 2 times in all the way (nail). Tires are more than excellent.

Price: 4000 EURO (for negociation)

For more informations please contact us on:

www.myadventureteam.com (THE BIG EXPEDITION)
[email protected]


(PICTURES OF CAR in photo catalog: FOR SALE)


Regards Kris





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