FANTASTIC trailer and/or VW Touareg FOR SALE!

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#1 Thu, 09/01/2016 - 12:26

FANTASTIC trailer and/or VW Touareg FOR SALE!

We are Allie, Lulo and Paco, our dog.

We´ve been traveling from Los Angeles to South America for the last ten months, and now we have decided to speed up our return to our country, Argentina because... We are pregnant!!

So we are selling our beautiful traveling home and powerful car. Now we are in Ecuador heading south (can arrange any place from here to Chile or Uruguay to meet up).

The trailer is 25 feet, has a queen bed, full kitchen, full bathroom, etc (if you are interested, we can send you details and more pictures by e-mail! [email protected]).

The car is a VW Touareg 2008, V8.

We are selling them together or separetly. Have to say that the Team is a real match.

Hope this beautiful team finds a new cool owner and can make another family's adventure happy :-)


Allie and Lulo

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