Ford Explorer 4x4 with rooftop tent in Santa Marta/Cartagena Colombia

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Ford Explorer 4x4 with rooftop tent in Santa Marta/Cartagena Colombia

For Sale:

Ford Explorer Limited edition with 4l V6 engine, 4x4, automatic, runs on gasoline.

Limited Edition package includes: Electric chairs, Electric sunroof, Electric windows (passenger side can only be opened by driver), Aircondioning whith Climate control, Boardcomputer, Chair heating, Cruise control, Full leather, 4wd hi and low gear, foglights and some more.

Rooftop tent is easy to setup (3-5min) and made for 3 but comfortable for 2 people. It includes a mattress and blankets. Backseat can be fully folded down to create a flat surface which would sleep another 2 people.

The car is in very good condition, well maintained and serviced every 10.000 kilometers (all the receipts are available). 273.000 km. Fuel consumtion varies per country (quality of gasoline) but average over 18.000km was 12 liter per 100km which is not bad for this size car.

The car has a lot of extras like: Rooftent (Teipu), cooking equipment, compressor/jump starter, snow chaines, rubber boat with pump, toolbox, many spares and a jerry can. A great way to travel and save money on accomodation, food and bus tickets.

Known issues:

-ABS does not work. Brakes are in very good condition and breakpads have been replaced recently. Most definately the sensors need replacement (about 50USD per wheel) but we did not bother as the breaks are working perfectly.

-Park assistance does not work

Paperwork: Car is registered in Canada and unless you are from Canada, the registration can only be changed in name there. You will get a signed paper with a notarified pasport copy of the origional owner which allowes you to drive the car anywhere you want and the papers that will allow you, or a following buyer, to register the car in Canada.

Location:I will be in Santa Marta or Cartagena (Colombia) until the car is sold. From here it is easy to renew the 'Temporary import permit' at the border with Venezuela.

Price: USD 5750



[email protected]/ 3007068001

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