Ford Explorer XLT 4X4 2002 for sale April/May in Argentinia, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay

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Ford Explorer XLT 4X4 2002 for sale April/May in Argentinia, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay

our trip through the americas from Canada to Brazil is coming to an end. So we would like to give you the opportunity to buy our Ford Explorer.
The only modification we made to the truck are curtains and moskitonets. The spacious enteriour is good to accomodate two people and luggage. The curtains are made from black fabrics so the tinted windows look like 100% tinted or mirrored and nobody can see one is inside. This is an great advantage if you need to stay in places that are not perfectly safe or public like plazas... Another good thing is this type of vehicle can be found all over the americas, so you can find parts for it if needed and it looks like an domestic vehicle.
Facts of the Ford Explorer XLT 2002 V6 gasoline:
-the engine has a timing chain inside, so no service is needed (no timingbelt !)
-the truck is in good condition. (it passed an out of province check in canada, witch seems to be one of the hardest technical checks in the americas)
-4x4 high and low, but with automatic it is running in rear weel drive, so it is saving gasoline
-almost new 5 gear automatic transmission, shifts as smooth as on the first day (reworked transmission, all clutches, bandes and solenoides are you got another 250.000km to go. This type of transmission needs to be overhauled after this time...)(10/2012, Value 3500US$)
-new tires 4 brand new Yokohama Geolandar ( bought 03/2013 in Chile, Value 1000Eur)
-new breaks 95% at the front and 60% at the rear
-new ball joints at the front and rear axle ( changed in a certified Ford dealership in Chile)
-new ballbearings in the auxillary belt ( changed in a certified Ford dealership in Chile)
-it has canadian papers and plate (witch makes it easy with borders or the police as all people seem to like canadians and don't have prejudices...) -ice cold a/c, sun roof, no lights in the cockpit or other falures, ready to drive further -the milage of the truck will be something like 300.000km
-minor problems of truck:
1. two optical failures: scratches in the right side of the frontbumper, one dent in the rear door of the driversside (we bought the truck with those failures as it makes the truck look more local...)
2. the powerwindow of the rear door of the driversside is deactivated,as the relay inside the switch stopped working (we never used that window anyways...)
3. the sidemirror of the driverside is not foldable, it is glued in place (we bought it as it is)
4. it is a truck from Toronto Canada, so it shows some rust underneath in this age but nothing serious witch affects the drivabiliti or safety of the vehicle
5. no remote and powerlock (we bought it without and only used the key to look the doors we feeled saver and it is an good excuse at the border to pretend we can't open the trunk and the rear doors. All officers belived that and are to lazy to crawl inside so they didn't touch our luggage and we went through the checks quicker....)

We would like to sell the car in end of April or May. With the location we are flexible, our plans are to fly back to Germany from the south coast of Brazil so we could sell the car along the route from Ushuaia to Brazil or Paraguay, Urugay. We will sell the truck with canadian papers and bill of sale and the information package from the previous owner that shows, the truck was never involved in an accident or had other incidentes.

Price 6500Euro or equivalent in US$

If you get any questions or like to get high res pictures, please ask us. We are looking forward to get an email from you!
Best regards Florian and Birgit

contact us @ birgit.u.florian(at)

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Price of vehicle

Hello just wondering what price you are looking for and if you have an email address I could contact you on

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... price...


Cual seria el precio de esa belleza ? Algunas fotografias dando vuelta para ver lo que es ?


William... in argentina.