Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 extra cab with topper Bolivia $4000us

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#1 Sun, 01/26/2014 - 14:44

Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 extra cab with topper Bolivia $4000us


1988 Ford Ranger

2.9 L V6 engine (gasoline)

Fuel Injected


5 speed manual transmission

'super' cab – seats 5 + topper

plates: Montana, U.S.A.


3 owners: mechanic, insurance salesman, mechanic / mechanical engineer

Have all maintenance records and receipts from year 2000 to present.


Truck was purchased in U.S. Spent 3 months restoring for trip to Chile. Have $8,500 invested plus 500 hours of time rebuilding. The truck functioned like new before leaving the States for Chile. Now it has 35,000 miles on all these new parts. All bearings and other parts replaced with lifetime warranty parts when available. Still runs like new*. Has 165,000 miles.


Has carpeted topper with tinted windows and sliding window access between cab and topper. Roof rack capable of hauling sheets of plywood, kayaks, hanggliders (21ft), etc. 6 ft x 4+ ft cargo bed allows for sleeping (or hauling 4x8 sheet with endgate down).


Tires and spare are in good shape. Gets 25mpg with 4 hanggliders on top driving at 45 mph. (10.63 km/L) (9.4 L/100km) Stereo with CD, detachable face and ipod jack. Has 120 volt inverter. Tow ball. Tinted windows. Lots of extras.  Everything functional*. Clear coat on paint is peeling. Upholstery in good shape. Maps included for Central & South America.


photos available 

Reason for selling: may head to NZ for a couple years and rarely use it. Photos available.

Contact details: located nearby border of Bolivia & Argentina




Needs new muffler, rear fuel tank gauge has intermittent fault, cracked windshield, reclining mechanism on drivers side seat needs replaced (now has only driving position and laid-back position but nothing in-between).