Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 Extra Cab with Topper. Chile Argentina

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Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 Extra Cab with Topper. Chile Argentina

I bought this truck with the intention of driving it from Montana to Chile and then owning it until i died.  I didn't know I could not legally import it into most parts of Chile.  I spent 3 months (every day) and about $5,000 in new parts preparing it for the journey.  I am a mechanical engineer and have also worked a lot as a mechanic so before buying it, spent a day compression testing the engine and inspecting everything thoughly inside and out.  After buying i pulled the engine and put in a new clutch assembly, gaskets and every bearing and part that undergoes normal wear besides the engine, transmission & alternator. 

1988 Ford Ranger - 3 owners with receipts & maintenance records since new

2.9L Fuel Injected, V-6, 25mpg = 9.4L/100km = 10.6km/L  (slow w/ 4 hanggliders on top)

5 Speed Manual Transmission with High Range and Low Range

4x4 with hubs that unlock, new wheel bearings, all new u-joints in drive-line

Extra Cab (seats 5), AC, Stereo/CD player, 110V inverter for household appliances (400W)

Topper - with sliding windows and bug screens, good condition, sleeps 2 well

2 Fuel Tanks: 17 gal & 13 gal = 750 miles = 1200 km

fuel injectors - new; Starter - new; Waterpump - new; Engine belts - new;  shock absorbers, front - new

fuel system - new filters, new fuel pumps in tanks, new fuel tank, new fuel pump (high pressure inline)

Ingition System - new sparkplugs, new sparkplug wires, new distributor cap + rotor,

wheels (50,000 mi warranty) - 20,000+ mi left , plus spare tire bolted inside topper; tires are hybrid so are quiet for highway yet good traction for off-road

wheel alignment, Tie-Rod replacement, driveline rebalanced

regular maintenance: all filters and fluids changed and maintened, as well as PCV valve, oxygen sensor, peddle pads, brake lines, New Battery (July 2012),  ect.

sliding window - between cab and topper, 6ft 170 lb person can pass through

sliding windows w/ screens - topper (all windows in truck and topper are tinted)

Shop Manual, Hydraulic Jack, original jack, maps for North, Central & South America, extra battery, Jumper Cables, hatchet for firewood, 12V fan, matress, cover for cab (long term storage), maintenance fluids stored under hood, Roof Rack and detachable front bumper rack for hauling long stuff (hanggliders, kayaks, construction materials, etc) , Locking Gas Caps, Extra Keys (for vehicle, topper, gas caps), tow ball

Color:  sorry, no pictures ( i left my computer and memory stick in Pucón).  The Ranger is a 2-tone brown (Coffee & Chocolate).  It's not flashy and the clear coat is peeling.  Yet it gets plenty of compliments from the locals.  If you want something that blends in well and doesn't make you look like a rich gringo this may work.  Other mechanics (full-time) have said this year and model is an all-mechanical, very durable pick-up, that is very reliable and cheaper to maintain.  A few days ago i ran across a couple having car problems on the highway and ended up towing them (Subaru station wagon) about 80km up and down hills to the nearest town.  No problems. 

Right now this Ford Ranger is in Punta Arenas, Chile.  Patagonia.  I will try to upload some photos if it doesn't sell soon.  It may be travelling between here and Pucón, Chile via San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina in the future.  The price is $5,000 U.S. You can contact me at heidimt(at)live(dot)com  Just substitute @ for (at) and . for (dot) or use this forum.   

I wouldn't even consider selling this truck if i could legally import it.  It runs like a dream on the highway and the four wheel drive is like switching to tank mode.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Thanks!  rick