Freight Forwarder for US->Argentina Container Shipment / Container Sharing

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#1 Wed, 07/09/2014 - 11:39

Freight Forwarder for US->Argentina Container Shipment / Container Sharing

All, just starting the shipping portion planning stage of my trip.  Hope to ship my Land Cruiser down to South America and spend about 6 months touring patagonia, etc.  From intial research seems that going on the atlantic side is typically the more common route so was thinking Houston to Buenos Aires.  (I'd drive the car down from Denver to Houston). 

Anybody have a recomendation on a freight forwarder?  Or by chance already in the process of getting something set up and want to share a container?  My leave date is fairly flexible, hopefully sometime between August 1st and 31st?

From a bit of research I have found that Hamburg Sud makes weekly trips from Houston to BA, and got a few frieght forwarder contacts from them (some helpful, some I got no response from).  Wouldn't be opposed to shipping into chile either, just figured it would be more expensive than the somewhat more common atlantic routes.

I'm hopefully going to go the full container route (either 20 or 40ft) since I want to leave my camping/cooking gear in the car while shipping.  Seems this is possible as long as a list of the contents can be provided for customs purposes. 

So far I have reached out to:

  1. Aries Freight
  2. Lighthouse Freight
  3. Seaboard Marine
  4. TGAL

Shoot me a message or post up here if you have any thoughts or other bits of info!