Fully equipped Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4x4, 2006, only 121’000 km, ROOFTOP TENT, for SALE NOW in Chile

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#1 Thu, 03/10/2016 - 06:13

Fully equipped Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4x4, 2006, only 121’000 km, ROOFTOP TENT, for SALE NOW in Chile

Hey fellow travellers!

After escaping from Switzerland for half a year to surf, hike and camp in the beautiful surroundings of Chile, Peru and Bolivia, we are now selling our young fully equipped Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4x4 with ROOFTOP TENT!

We bought the car from a official, reliable Mitsubishi dealer in Santiago with only 106'000km. We also had it checked through another garage to assure that everything was fine before we headed off.

It has everything you need to travel and camp out where ever your explorer journey leads you to. We figured out during our trip that we made a good decision of buying a Mitsubishi Montero as it’s seen often when driving off road due to its high clearance, strong built and high reliability. Therefore it’s also easy to find spare parts if needed as these cars are spread all over South America. The car is registered in Chile in our name including all official documents:
- The official annual "technical revision" is made & valid until October 2016.
- The "permiso de circulación" (taxes) are paid till 31.08.2016 and the "seguro obligatorio" of Chile (mandatory insurance) is paid and valid until 31.03.2017.

To buy the car and become the registered owner of it you’ll only need a RUT number (tax number) which you can get at one of the widely spread SII Offices in Chile.

is a 2006 Mitsubishi Montero Sport with a powerful V6-Engine, very well maintained offering you the following:

- approx. 121'000 km by the end of our trip (current 118‘700km by 29.05.2016)
- 3.0 l V6 Gasoline Engine, 177HP
- automatic 4 speed
- 2wd - 4wd high gear and low gear
- differential lock
- Fuel consumption: depending on street conditions approx. 12 l / 100km
- registered in Chile
- gasoline (70L tank)
- electrical windows all around
- rooftop window electrical
- air-conditioning
- Sumitomo HTR Sport tires
- 1 full size spare tire
- tinted rear windows
- 1 remote keys, one standard key
- electric closing
- steering wheel lock with key
- front window sunblind
- black leather interior in good condition
- seats for 5 people (driver + 4 passengers)
- colour: white
- Chilean plates
- title of the car in our name
- jack
- jumper cables
- 2 safety triangles
- 2 safety wests
- fire extinguisher
- 20L spare gas tank

We mounted a ROOFTOP TENT from Offroad Camping (http://www.orc.cl/camping.html, carpa de techo).
It is very quick and easy to set up and you don’t need to worry about uneven surfaces, rocks or hammering stakes into a dry, hard ground. It offers an amazingly big space with a removable mattress of 230 x 140cm and doesn’t get hot as you can open it up on all four sides of which each is equipped with separate mosquito nets. It’s great to chill in the shade below once you are in the desert. Being “on the second floor” helps to keep dirt out. The best comfort of all is that it allows you to fold it up with pillows and blankets or sleeping bags inside - so once opened you just climb in to sleep.
It’s easy to handle, of great comfort and leaves you with lots of space in the car compared to sleeping in in the car.

We also put a wooden board to divide the trunk of the car for extra loading space. If you don’t like it you just pull it out as it’s easy to detach. All the back seats are still in.

So far, we did the following maintenance work:
- oil change with filters (air, oil & fuel) every 10’000 km
- replaced rear breaking pads at 108’000 km
- All receipts of replacements & checks available.
We will do all necessary maintenance work through official car mechanics.

Inside the car you have full equipment, like
- cooling box 26L which you can connect to the cigarette lighter or a normal power plug
- tarp (for shade or against wind)
- equipment for cooking
- camping stove for screw on gas bottles
- bowls, plates, pans, pots, cups, water kettle, toaster, strainer, grater, cutboard
- knives, spoons, forks, glasses, mugs, and other kitchen stuff
- tupperware boxes & ziploc bags
- two large storage boxes for dishes and food which fit perfectly at the back
- 2 smaller boxes for other things
- scissors, lighters and other utensils
- Grill for BBQ outside
- blanket, pillows & sheets thin & thick
- 2 high comfort camping chairs & 1 table
- Clothesline and clothespins
- Cords, stakes
- road maps
- foldable shovel
- most necessary tools (screw drivers, screws, hammer, cutter, thongs,...)
- ropes, duct tape, glue, cable binders
- 20l Solar Shower
- beach ball game

We are selling the car NOW in the northern part of Chile (around Arica, Santiago or somewhere else in the north). The Price we're asking for is $US 12'800 or best offer. If you wish to know more please do not hesitate to contact us!

Jochen & Sabrina
[email protected]

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Mon, 05/02/2016 - 16:29

Hi Jochen & Sabrina,

Hi Jochen & Sabrina,

We are looking for this kind of vehicule in September but we are 4 adults (our post is here : http://www.drivetheamericas.com/forums/wanted-looking-vehicle-4-people-c...)

Have you bought your rooftop tent in Chile ? Because it could be a good idea for us to buy a 4x4 like yours and a rooftop for 4 people.

Thanks for you answer and good luck to go back to your home.



Tue, 05/03/2016 - 10:38 (Reply to #2)

rooftop tent

Hi Damien,

Yep, we found our Rooftop Tent in Santiago. Check out this place: http://www.orc.cl/camping.html

Have a fun trip.

Sat, 05/28/2016 - 16:17

CAR FOR SALE FROM NOW ON! Mechanical Check 28.05.16

After a complete technical revision through an official Mitsubishi Mechanic, our Montero is for sale from now on between Arica and Santiago. They also did an oil change including the replacment of all filters (oil, gasoline and air).