GMC Safari FOR SALE (van, rooftent, compl. setup)

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#1 Sat, 01/04/2020 - 11:17

GMC Safari FOR SALE (van, rooftent, compl. setup)

GMC Safari 2000, 4.3, V6, 2WD,

USD 5'200.--

320'000 miles, US registration

available by end of may/june 2020 around Chile/Peru. more details and photos upon request.
the van has been great and a reliable companion on the way from Utah to South America and is looking for a new owner to keep on traveling.

Equipment as follows:
bed, sheets, pillows
gazebo / easy-up
foldable mini bicycle
aluminium roof storage box
cutlery/cooking equipment
cooker, propane
storage gear
camping shower
jump starting cables
tow rope, tools, hammock, slack line,...

additional gear (prices to be discussed)

SUP Board 8'5'' / Starfish Paddle
Duotone Neo 2012 5m
Duotone Rebel 2020 9m
Duotone Bar 2020 24m
Ozone Reo V4 10m
Ozone Reo V3 8m
Ozone Enduro V1 7m
Ozone Bar 50cm 23m
Ozone Bar 45cm 23m
Brunotti Youri Zoon Pro 2018, 136x41cm
Mystic Hardshell Harness size M
5'8" Spyder Surfboard (Kite, Surf)
5'9" Airush Cypher Surfboard (Kite)

for more pictures and information:
[email protected] or whatsapp
+57 3225364683