Hitch a ride through brazil (kitesurfer)

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#1 Wed, 04/22/2015 - 20:11

Hitch a ride through brazil (kitesurfer)


Hey there,

I will be arriving in lima in late June 2015...i was going to go to machu picchu and the salt flats from there.

Then I need to make my way up to North East Brazil (cumbuco and surrounding area) to go kitesurfing for the season! Is anybody going to be driving up that way around July time?

I would love to buy a 4x4 and do it myself, but its a bit daunting doing it solo.

I can drive and will obviously pay my way!

Im a 29 year old irish male if that makes any difference?!


Hope to meet some of ye along the way!!


Finbarr (fincollins at gmail.com)

Thu, 10/19/2017 - 00:10

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