How to Sell US Plated Vehicle in South America

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#1 Sat, 01/27/2018 - 14:48

How to Sell US Plated Vehicle in South America

Ladies and Gents, 

I am a fresh one here, I have done extensive research leading up to my road trip from Arizona to South America in June. There is just one thing I am yet to put my finger on, and it could really make or break the trip. Before my question I will tell you a little bit about my trip; 

My girlfriend and I are both living in Sydney, Australia and have been planning and saving for this trip for over a year now. It is not going to be an easy trip but it will be the most rewarding in my opinion and the car will add huge amounts of flexibility, our aim is to get off the beaten path while staying safe. The trip will be roughly 6 months in total. Purchasing a car in Arizona for a one-way trip to either Chile or Argentina. We will end the trip wherver we can off-load the car. 

So my question - Where is the best place or the best way to go about selling an Arizona vehicle in South America. I do not wish to pay any import fees and am more than happy virtually giving the car away. It will roughly cost us $4000USD, we will get plenty of use out of it and dont mind taking that as a loss. So having said that - I believe my options may be -

- Selling to another foreigner who will finish their trip in USA.
- Selling in a trade-free zone??? (import exempt?)

I was also thinking, donation may be a potential? At the end of the day, I want it off my passport when we are ready to leave and I need to know how to do so effectively and cheaply. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks for reading.