Jeep 4x4 "TO SLEEP IN" for sale in Santiago/Chile

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Jeep 4x4 "TO SLEEP IN" for sale in Santiago/Chile

We sell our ISUZU TROOPER in Santiago de Chile or close to. The Trooper is one of the best off road SUV 's .
The Jeep was a year in our possession and we were able to discover many remote places in south america .
The vehicle is technically in a very good condition.

- Year: 1993
- Fuel: Petrol
- 3.2l SOHC consumption: approx 12-13 liters
- Automatic (was replaced with warranty and bill!)
- Manual selectable 4X4 with reduction

Before we started our journey, we have made a great service.
Were renewed :
- All cooling hoses
- Thermostat
- V-belts
- petrol filter
- Brakes
- oil Including oil filter
- spark plugs

In the run time has been changed :
- gearbox incl. torque converter
- Cardan shaft repaired
- 4 tires

- Sleeping possibility for two people (can be converted to a 5-seater with a few simple steps without removing the bed)

- The sleeping area is equipped with a double dark windows  and it is impossible to watch the inners of the vehicle.

- Powerinverter 12V - 220V : for charging cameras, computers, etc.

- Storage under the bed

- table

- Two camping chairs

- Small fridge

- Folder Boxes

- Powerinverter 12V - 210V : for charging cameras, computers, etc.

- 20l petrolcanister
- Spare tire
- Replacement hose for tire
- All V-belts as Reseve
- Tools
- Car Radio
- roof rack
- Air conditioning (needs to be refilled)
- KONI - Suspension

Price : $ 5700.-

If interested e-mail to : david.krismayr (@)

phone: 957721483

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Sat, 01/25/2014 - 08:20

photos Added

I have added some photos now.