Jeep Cherokee 2000, 219,000km for Sale in Rio de Janeiro

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#1 Fri, 05/03/2013 - 10:51

Jeep Cherokee 2000, 219,000km for Sale in Rio de Janeiro

2000 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 Inline 4x4 Automatic, 219,000km (136,000 miles) for Sale for USD4000. (EUR 3000) -pictures below - ready to go on its next adventure.

I drove with my Jeep Cherokee 2000 for the last 20 months from New York to Patagonia and up again to Rio de Janeiro -runs like clock work, a very reliable car. It is a 4x4 and had no problems even on the toughest dirt roads. In Latin America a lot of people drive this car, so you blend right in and the mechanics always know what to do and have spare parts. It has very few electronics so everything can be fixed even in remote locations. I saw people driving the same model with more than twice the mileage. It uses less than 14l per 100km, which is quite good for a car this size. I did not have one mechanical problem, changed oil and filter every 6000km, and just recently renewed the front break pads, had the breaks in the back cleaned professionally, changed the transmission oil, differential oil, transfer oil, break fluid and coolant. I added extra suspension in the back and got new shocks for the front. I bought new tires 10,000km ago in Chile – the tires are like new. Also has a new muffler, which I had put on 3000km ago. I have every single receipt for this truck, also from the previous owner, who was a Jeep mechanic and took just like me great care of this special truck.

Comes with a bunch of tools, fluids, extra lights, 4 containers for 60l spare fuel, a great car tent (to fix on the side of the car), two spare tires, emergency and medical kit, fire extinguisher and car rack. I put in a wicked soundsytem with CD/MP3/AM FM radio. It also has a car alarm system and I throw in a steering wheel lock.

If you like you can also buy my surfboard (8 feet) with bag and straps to mount on the car (plus USD150).

It has a small dent in the hood (just cosmetic) and a mini stone chipping in the windshield (which happens on Latin American roads very quickly and which I fixed right away so that just a little dot is visible). For a 2000 it is in very good shape - outside and inside – ready to go on its next adventure.

I had to fly back home to Germany rather suddenly, but it is with a dear friend (who speaks English, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish) in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro. He has the full power of attorney and can transfer the car to you. Its temporary import permit for Brazil is valid until 02 June 2013 – so you would need to cross the Brazilian border by then, but can of course drive right back in and get another permit for 3 months.

It has New York State license plates and I did not have any trouble crossing borders. There are two options: Either you buy it without plates (you can get it registered in any US state if you are in the US right now) or you buy it with my plates. In that case we would need to see how we do it with the NY State insurance, we can talk about that.

I speak English, German and Spanish. Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. I am of course happy to send more pictures.

My email is [email protected]