Mercedes Benz Sprinter CDI 313 for SALE Dec in CHILE

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#1 Mon, 10/21/2019 - 17:00

Mercedes Benz Sprinter CDI 313 for SALE Dec in CHILE

Hey there,

we are Caro and David and we want to sell our Sprinter (preferably to German buyers because of the paperwork and German license plates) after our trip from Colombia to Chile by the end of the year. The Sprinter is a former ambulance vehicle from a red cross unit – very well maintained. The former owners removed the ambulance equipment and converted the car with effort and professional support into a camper.

It is in a very good condition. So there is no rust and because of the ambulance ,,box” there are some advantages: you have much more space than in a normal Sprinter (gives you the opportunity to sleep crosswise and to stand upright in the van); there’s a very solid roof window; as the walls are straight you can use the whole space. The engine and the gears are in a very good condition. There is a 250W solar system on top which allows you to spend more time at one spot. The most important advantage of the ambulance Sprinter is that you have plenty of space inside for living, cooking and sleeping and still you can easily enter big cities like Buenos Aires or Santiago without parking problems. You will find Sprinters in every part of South America so you will always find mechanics or spare parts easily.

1. Technical facts:

- Year of construction: 11.2001

- Mileage: 250.000km +/- 5.000km

- Gears: automatic transmission (SprintShift)

- Gross vehicle weight rating: 3500kg

- Type: 903.6

- Cubic capacity: 2148cm3

- Power: 129hp

- Dimensions: height: 2,78m, length: 6,00m width: 2,00m

- Last TÜV/MFK/MOT: May 2018

2. Features:

- 250W Solar System with Epever MPPT 20A Charger

- 2 front seats in addition a foldable 3rd seat (incl. seat belt) – they installed the 3rd seat in Germany but it is not registered in the car papers

- Eberspächer independent car heater (diesel)

- 2 new batteries with a capacity of 110ah each, both are charged when engine is running

- Voltage transformer 12V to 230V

- Rear view camera

- Gas cooker with two cooktops and two 5kg bottles

- Kitchen with electric tap (40l fresh 20l sewage 20l water) canister

- Complete kitchen equipment with Dutchoven, Parrilla and Spätzlepresse

- Banquette for 6 – 8 person

- 3 people can sleep there

- Cooler 30l

- 3 camp chairs and a table

- Many spare parts: brake pads, diesel filter, diverse repair materials: Sikaflex, ratchet and bit box, pliers

- Spare wheel

- Roof rack

- Stuff like guitar, speedminton, scooter, basketball, football …

Please contact us for if you are interested.



Best regards,

Caro & David

Tue, 10/22/2019 - 02:29

Very Interested!

Hi Caro & David,

I am very interested in your van. Can you please share with me your contact details or alternately can you reach out to me on +32490430101.

Look forward to hearing from you.



Thu, 10/24/2019 - 07:12

Hi David,

Hi David,

I have messaged you on WhatsApp. 

Look forward to hearing from you. 



Fri, 11/01/2019 - 20:08

Hallo Caro & David,

Hallo Caro & David,

Wir sind Luisa und Pascal aus Deutschland und sehr interessiert.

Zuerst ist der Sprinter noch zu haben?
Wenn ja welchen Preis habt ihr so im Kopf?
Wie würde der Kauf- und Ummeldungsprozess laufen?
Müsste der Tüv erneuert werden?

Wir freuen uns über eine Antwort & liebe Grüße aus Kambodscha

Luisa & Pascal