Mercedes Sprinter Camper for Sale - NOW AT A TIME THAT SUITS YOU in Santiago

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Mercedes Sprinter Camper for Sale - NOW AT A TIME THAT SUITS YOU in Santiago

For sale 2005 Mercedes Sprinter 308 2.2 CDI with full camper conversion. Mercedes Sprinters are the workhorse van for most tour bus operators in Chile, Peru and Argentina because of their reliability and economy. The van is amazingly efficient, it's a 2.2l CDI which can eke out up to 1000kms on a 75l tank of diesel when cruising highways. In Chile you'll pay~50,000 Chilean Pesos (~$100 or £50) to fill it up. The van also has good ground clearance ~8inches, and can cope with the majority of unmade roads you'll find in Chile, Bolivia etc. just fine.

The van was bought and converted in Chile (see our blog   for more), and is perfect for two people to travel and live in in comfort (even luxury - it's got a wine rack and wood burning stove after all!)  It was designed and built for two people ski touring, although could easily be used as a base for a bigger group with the use of tents etc. The van would also be a great base for kyaking or surfing as it is well insulated, has lots of storage and the wood stove gets lots of wet kit dry quickly.

The kit list is as follows:

- Double burner gas hob with 6.5kg gas bottle.
- 70l of water storage
- Electric water pumps providing running water for the sink and cold outdoor shower.
- ample seating in the back can comfortably accomodate 5 people (6 at a squeeze) for great van socials!
- Lots of storage inside that swallows all our climbing and ski gear.
- Skylight/roof vent.
- Seating coverts into a double bed.
- Sink with tap fed by electric pump and external drain.
- 100Ah liesure battery to supply power to lighting and pumps and provide start assist to the starter battery if required.
- Split charging relay for liesure battery
- Solar panel and solar charge controller
- LED lighting
- Woodburning stove to keep you cosy and warm in the coldest of places.
- Fully equiped kitchen/dining set ( pots, pans, utensils, plates, knives, forks etc.)
- Smoke and CO alarm
- 3 bottle wine/whisky/pisco rack.
- A bunch of storage boxes and tupperwares to keep everything organised and orderly.
- Radio/CD player with jack for MP3 player
- Small 12v  to 220v AC 150W inverter for charging electronic devices.
- Roofrack
- 12v air compressor/tyre pump
- Second spare wheel
- 20l jerry can
- Fire extiguisher
- Smal folding shovel (the toilet or for digging the van out if you get it stuck somewhere!)
- Warning triangle
- Spare fuel filter
- Spare oil filter
- Selection of spare bulbs and fuses
- Feather duvet, pillows and bed linen

Basically the van has everything you need for your South American adventure so all you have to do is rock up, do the deal and take the keys!

The van is an ex-ambulance and has 165,000 kilometers on the clock currently. We have had a lot of work done on the mechanics to make sure the van was reliable for our trip so should run trouble free for a good few tens of thousands of miles yet. We have had the following work done:

- Clutch and dual mass flywheel replaced at 155,000km, only Mercedes Original parts used, all receipts will be provided.
- Full engine rebuild at 155,000km, only Mercedes Original parts used, all reciepts will be provided.
- New Maxxis Bravo AT tyres fitted at 162,000km
- gearbox and diff. oil changed at 155,000km
- Drive shaft centre bearing replaced at 163,000km

The revision tecnica (Chilean MOT or roadworthiness test) is valid until August 2015
Vehicle insurance  is valid until 31st March 2015
Permision de circulacion is valid until the end of August 2015

The bodywork is well used, but sound.

The van will be available in the first or second week of September (expect about another 20,000kms on the clock i.e. 185,000kms total) in Santiago Chile.

We will be advertising the van for sale on Chilean car sites too as Sprinters in good working order are highly sought after vehicles in Chile, when we were trying to buy the van we found that good vans would sell in 24-48 hours. Although our preference is to sell to other travellers so Steve can continue his adventures after we have left South America! 

Price 7,500,000 Chilean Pesos.

If your interested or want more information contact me through drive the americas or our blog.

Thu, 07/31/2014 - 21:04

Still for sale?

We love Steve and we really want to buy him... I think it was the wine rack that got us excited. Me and my partner are in santiago at the moment and are looking to convert but will hold fire if Steve is still available? May we have your email? Ours is [email protected] and our chilean number is 91511052.

Hope we hear back from you

Jesse and Lou

Fri, 08/08/2014 - 12:28

The van is still for sale!

Hi, the van is still for sale for any of you who might be interested. Only intermittently getting on-line at the moment as we're at the end of the world apparently!

Fri, 08/08/2014 - 13:02


Hi Jesse and Lou.

I'm interested in Steve, but I live in Ecuador. Do you think it'll be possible to get closer, like in Lima or something like that?



Sat, 08/09/2014 - 05:08

Steve is only available in Chile!

Hi Corrado,

Thanks for the interest, Steve is only available in Chile because he is Chilean registered so the paperwork has to be done there otherwise I may become liable for some import duty in peru if the vehicle leaves Chile into peru and does not come back. Also we do not have the time to drive him up as far as Lima.

Sorry to not be more helpful.


Thu, 08/21/2014 - 19:06

New photos

Hi, just put some more photos of Steve on our blog so you can see how awesome he is! Look here .



Thu, 09/04/2014 - 17:19


Hi Tom!

If Steve is still available, please contact me via [email protected] Thanks! Corina

Fri, 09/05/2014 - 17:57 (Reply to #7)

Steve is still available

I will email you.



Wed, 09/10/2014 - 20:56


Steve is no longer for sale, he has new loving owners!!!