Mitsubishi Outlander 4x4 for sale in Chile/Peru/Ecuador/Colombia

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#1 Mon, 05/20/2019 - 16:14

Mitsubishi Outlander 4x4 for sale in Chile/Peru/Ecuador/Colombia

Selling our reliable travel mate “Oscar” who carried us, a family of four, nearly 40,000 km through South America and who is definitely in shape for his next adventure :

Mitsubishi Outlander K2,
Turquoise metallic,
Model 2010
Automatic transmission
2.4l engine
132,000 km
Air conditioning
Spacious trunk with tailboard
5 doors
CD/MP3 sound system
Spare tire
Fire-extinguisher, safety west & triangle, jack, jumper cable, tire repair kit, air compressor 
Two child seats
Third owner
Clean title, no lien
Followed regular maintenance schedule every 10,000 km
Tecnica Revision until 11/19
All necessary documents in hands: Declaracion Consensual, Permiso de Circulacion, Padron, CAV, Certificado de Multas Impagas, Certificado de la Tecnica Revision
No mechanical problems on the entire journey, very reliable
Good gas efficiency

Pictures can be found here:

1. COMBO: Location: Arica, Chile, Price: $4700, Deadline: Until mid July
2. COMBO: Location: Lima, Peru, Price: $4900, Deadline: Until mid June
3. COMBO: Location: Quito, Ecuador, Price: $5000, Deadline: Until end June
4. COMBO: Location: Bogota, Colombia, Price: $5100, Deadline: Until mid July

The car is registered in Chile and if you would like to buy it in any other country than Chile we will cooperate with Suzi Santiago ( ) and use their remote title transfer service to make it yours as soon as possible – they are pros on this field!

Lothar and Irina,
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+56 9 9786 1483  (whatsapp)
[email protected]