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** All incl. package: Bus, Scooter and inflatable Kayak!**
*** Ready to go! Perfect for 2 people ***

After more than two and a half years of traveling we are coming to the end of our trip here in South America. We converted the bus by ourselves into the motorhome in 2017 and would love to see it going into good hands. We had a lot of fun traveling with the “Greeny”. He will bring you to almost all the places in South America, while you have all the comfort!
Self-sufficient at least for 7 days. (2 people, shower every second day)

• ~190’000KM
• YEAR BUS 1994
• WEIGHT 5000KG (max. 7500KG)
• Location of Sale: preferred anywhere in between Buenos Aires and Santiago (kind of flexible)
• Time of Sale: April, May 2020

Asia Combi Am825 4052cc diesel (2x4 drive, twin wheels in the back), manual transmission.
Rear wheel drive with good clearance, never had any problems with clearance.
Not a lot of power… but brought us the last 2.5 years down from Costa Rica to Ushuaia, over all the Andes (5200m altitude).
Front window no polarization
Side windows with light polarization
Rear windows with dark polarization
Oil and filter changed every 5000-6000km
Air and diesel filter changed on regular base
Gear box changed 05/2016
New batteries (2x12V) 07/2017
New front tires 12/2019 (185’000km), very good condition.
New rear tires 08/2018 (157’000km), good condition.
Cylinder head changed 08/2018
New brake cylinders 01/2018
New brake master cylinder, starter overhauled 08/2019
New brake pads, new front brake drums, new alternator, radiator cleaned and improved 9/2018
New clutch pads 11/2019
No rust on the chassis, some rust on the body (no load-bearing part). Windshield wiper needs sometimes a hand to start.

• YEAR:2017
• 7000KM

The scooter is in good working condition. Oil change has been done according to manual. Paint is a bit cracked and some metal parts show corrosion (just optical), as the scooter was a lot of time outside. Loose part in the exhaust which makes a rattle noise.

Rack for scooter in the back (can be removed)
Big awning against rain and sun. Super easy to use and works well with some wind as well!
Rear view camera
1x 20l cherry can for diesel
2X 150W solar panels
Epever 30A Mppt solar charge controller with remote display
200Ah deepcycle 2x12V batteries (01/2018). Automatic connected while driving. Charged from alternator or solar (or manual with separate charger).
DC24-AC12V inverter
DC24V -->AC120V converter (runs also fridge while driving), 3 x 120V sockets
AC220V --> AC110V inverter
6x led lights on celling
4x led light under hanging cabinets
Electric fan 110V (works wonder in hot nights!)
180l in 2 separate freshwater tanks (100l inside, 80l underneath of the car)
12V pressure water pump feeding:
Outside shower (cold)
Wash sink faucet (warm, cold)
Shower (warm, cold)
Water heater 6 gallon Suburban (propane)
Toilet and shower cabin
Toilet (gravity flush)
Blackwater holding tank (2-3 weeks for 2 people)
Fridge 120l (15l freezer) (LPG, 120V) (works perfectly! Always cold beer and frozen ice cream!)
Furnace heather Suburban LPG
Small standalone ceramic fan heater (for 220V plugged into electricity)
2x 10kg gas bottle with US system (could fill it in all countries we have been)
4 flame-stove with oven with upper steam discharge
Roof window
Roof top ventilation

Comes with a lot of tools! Screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, electric tools, duct tape, ties, ….
socket wrench set with American and European nuts
electric screwdriver 110V works with converter
Drilling machine 220V
12V tire pump
1x lifting jacks
1x extra wheel
Small shovel
Big shovel
Some spare parts and a lot of other small things
long water hose with common adapters
spare pressure water pump
jumping cables
long extension electric cable
fire extinguisher
medical kit (required by law)
span triangle
2 slot USB charger in cockpit
Car radio, Bluetooth, Amplifier, loudspeakers tweeter
smartphone holder for navigation (magnetic)

Sitting area folds to full size bed (140cm x 190cm). Divided in three parts crosswise (no one has to sleep in the dig)
Sitting area is good for 3 people. Works for 4 if one sits on the side cabinet.
Big top load cabinet underneath of the sitting area (part of it can be reached from the trunk door)
Top load cabinet for clothes and what-ever on the side
Top load cabinet used for the 2 gas cylinders
2 counters to prepare food, in 2 different heights
4 drawers for food and cutlery
1 big drawer for food and spices
2 kitchen cabinets
1 big cabinet for clothes
2 hanging cabinets equipped with 8 plastic boxes for clothes and what-ever
2 hanging cabinets over driver and passenger seat (backpacks, winter clothes, …)
Storage under double floor in the sitting area (used for cables, car tools, …)
Shoe rack on the bathroom door
Some fixed hooks
Two sleeping pillows
Some other pillows for comfortable sitting.
One king size blanket (works well until around 6°C)
2 sleeping bags (used, but seldom in the motorhome)
2 fitted sheet
2 sheets
2 Kitchen towels
2 Towels
Complete set of pans, dishes, cutlery pots for cooking.
Hand Mixer 110v
Hand Blender 110v
Blender 110v

3 Camping chairs
2 camping tables (one bigger and high adjustable, one smaller)
1 Fishing rod with some hooks to fish

1 inflatable kayak for 2!
1 Printer

We always took good care of the bus and kept it maintained. The bus has for us the perfect size to travel in South America. You get to all the places as it is not that wide and even parking was never a big issue for us. For the bigger cities you have the scooter which makes your life a lot easier than using a car. At the same time, you have all the comfort and ample space inside. Even on a rainy day (which you hopefully will never have!) you can enjoy life in a comfortable way.
We loved traveling and living in this beautiful comfortable and cozy bus, which we call our “Greeny”… we are sure that you will have a great journey with him as well.

Let us know if you have any questions.

[email protected]

Whatsapp:  +41788269967

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